Ü40 Party (40+ Party)

Ü40 Party (40+ Party)

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Liner Notes: 

Music: This was recorded yesterday with Maik, drummer in my band JaaRi.

He invested in quite some recording equipment lately, so we miked up the drum kit and did a tryout with a small idea we jammed on the last time. I thought of this guitar theme as a ballad, but it seems we are not that kind of band, so Maik played a double time rhythm. We agreed upon a basic structure and played through it three times, although everything after the 2 minute mark is basically improvised. That's why it's quite messy at times.
Today I went to town with the session, added bass, vocals, additional guitar, FX and mixed everything to see if you can really work with this setup. Our first first test with self-recorded material turned out to be quite promising I'd say.

Lyrics: I don't know if parties specifically for a certain age group are a thing elsewhere, but in Germany there are these Ü30 and Ü40 (Ü is for über which means over) events where they cater you music from your adolescence and keep you from feeling bad about all these good looking young folk around you. I've never been to one and never will go, but I technically can, which is terrifying enough.
I have been thinking about that arrogance of youth that I had, how I felt invincible and how aging is a concept that only applies to old people, but not to me. And now, here I am. Translation below.


Vom Rand der Bar schaust du dich um
du bist nicht älter als die meisten
Ganz schön viel für ein Bier
Doch mal kannst du dir das ja leisten

Der DJ spielt das nächste Lied
von dem er weiß, dass es immer zieht

Auf der Tanzfläche gehts los
Sie tanzen zu den Hits, den alten
Eigentlich, so denken sie,
haben wir uns wirklich gut gehalten

Was hier wie Teen Spirit riecht
ist Stagnation und Nostalgie

Ist es wirklich schon so spät?
Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?
Komisch wie die Zeit vergeht

Du wolltest niemals da hin
Und jetzt sieh dich an
Willkommen im Club
der Vergänglichen


From the sides of the bar you look around
You're not older than most people here
Quite expensive, that beer
But now you can afford it occasionally

The DJ starts the next song
where he knows he can do no wrong

On the dancefloor it gets busy
They dance to these old hits
Actually, so they think,
we held up quite well

What smells like teen spirit here
is (in reality) stagnation and nostalgia

Is it really that late?
Who turned the hands on the clock?
Strange how time flies

You never wanted to go there
But now look at yourself
Welcome to the club
of the ephemeral

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Fantastic guitar work! This reminds me of listening to the alt-rock station in the garage with my dad circa 1996. I love it! Downloaded.

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Sehr schön gemacht. Tolle Gitarren und das "Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht" Zitat gut eingesetzt.

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Oh man, this is good. All that GRUNGE! Especially after two-minute mark. Intense and engrossing. Love the lyrics as well!