Augmented Suspended Zen

Augmented Suspended Zen

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Liner Notes: 

Song experiment inspired from the Slack chat where @tcelliott asked the group to suggest chords to do a self-imposed quick write. Two of them that he did not appear to use were Abaug (A flat augmented) and A2 (A suspended 2). I improvised layer by layer. First an alternating guitar vamp at a really slow tempo. Then maracas, hand drum, shaker, and melodica. At that point it felt like an attempt at Zen. Which also meets the week 3 challenge to use a word with the letter 'Z' in the title. So I figured since this was an alternation between an augmented chord and a suspended chord, and somewhat alliterative, that was my lyric.


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Augmented Suspended Zen
Guitar chords: Abaug - xx211o; Asus2 - xo22oo;

Alternating and throughout


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Very meditative feel to this.

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The alternation strikes a beautiful balance. This was wonderful to focus on and grow calmer. Hats off to your process of inspiration!

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I'm a fan of experimental music, - good one.

Also, chord fragments (as you know from your forum post), ---- and use A sus 4, 2 often, and with alternating 3rd and 6th which is a natural movement in first position A on guitar as passing tones to G or from G in a "vamp".
-- I almost never use a sus 7

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Lovely headphone mix for sure.
Meditative, yes, but I'm also finding it kinda creepy.
I think it's the ominous whispered vox right inside my head, and the wonky sounding guitar.
Great, though, don't get me wrong.
Points for using a Melodica.
Yeah, this is a really nice tune you got here.
So good!