A Present For You

A Present For You

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Liner Notes: 

Super fast.... using prompts from the slack chatroom

BPM: 154
Guitar: Tele
Chord: C#


I've been sitting here half an hour
I can't wait to get back home
My disposition is getting sour
I'm even tired of my iPhone

Show up early
Get in line
Waste my afternoon
Just to get a present for you

I've been sitting here more than an hour
And I just want to walk away
I've been sweating, I need a shower
I hope to get one sometime today

Show up early
Get in line
Waste my afternoon
Just to get a present for you

Show up early
Get in line
Waste an afternoon
Just to get a present for you

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That is some damn fine rock guitar! Most excellent wall of rock and sick solos! I sense frustration in your lyrics and that is most appropriate for this rocker! This line "I'm even tired of my iPhone" truly shows how bored/tired you are! I enjoyed this one a lot. Played it twice to hear that rock goodness again!!!

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yes excellent guitar got a bit of sabbath feel to it and a bit of punk. but that big guitar is all rock! really good one

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I like the alliteration and rhyme of the last two chorus lines. Of course awesome rocking and loving the Slack chat driven inspiration!

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nice work - like the heavy feel, driving guitars.

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an anthem for those of us who hate shopping. ripping guitar expresses the frustration of being at the mall trying to find some obligatory present for someone you dont care that much about,,,,,or even worse, trying to find the perfect gift for someone you love.

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Very solid rock tune! Those guitars and drums are solid and the bass line kicks some serious ass. Love the lyrics, they are definitely rock lyrics. Great job!