Memories In The Mirror

Memories In The Mirror

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Deep green eyes,
Hold so much pain,
Each cracks looks bigger,
When she sees them again,
The lines tell a story,
carved through her face
Memories in the mirror
Take her away,

Memories through the mirror,
Take her away
Too many trying years,
Trying to throw them away,

She got a lot a work to do,
A lot of things she need to figure out,
But every time she tries to choose,
Shake away her old blues its hard to move,
Trying ever so hard to
To shed these acient scars that stick like glue,
The mirror ain't been very kind,
Cause every time she looked inside she knows shell lose

Carry your pain,
Carry your pain girl,
Let it make you wiser,
Let your power reign
Cause memories in the mirror,
Will make you stronger each day,

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very nice piece i like the piano and thats change is very haunting and effective against the rest which is pretty and catchy

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Very beautiful, sad, magical song. I love your voice. Very interesting and unusual combination of the chords' progressions and effects. Brilliant lyrics, music, singing, playing, structure, atmosphere, demo... I'm under your song's spell.

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It's a good one. It really paints a scene in the mind's eye.