The Bar at Sorrow Point

The Bar at Sorrow Point

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Liner Notes: 

dzd: Thanks SaltyJ (sorry, that sounds like a porn name, haha) for letting me play with your lyrics, really liked the tale Smile and was fun to play.
Sorry for my cajon drumming(or lack thereof) I'd drop it, but was same track and mic as my equally poor vocal take, good enough for 50/90 Biggrin I actually can blame that somewhat on the dog that wouldn't leave me alone, he must like your tune as well Smile
and also apologize for taking some lyrical liberties Biggrin

not sure what all I did change other than adding Swamp Tales here and there, but I'm sure there was something Wink


The Bar at Sorrow Point

Lizzy went in search of action
She found this old juke joint
Inside it she met Billy
T’was the bar at Sorrow Point

They danced too close for comfort
To a sensual bluesy beat
Their bodies slick and sweating
In the Mississippi heat

Lizzy’s man was a roughneck
On the oilrigs all of his life
He’d come home unexpected
And went looking for his wife

Found the bar at Sorrow Point
Billy sucking Lizzy’s face
He decked him with a back-hand
Dragged Lizzy from the place

They never found her body
But he’s rotting in the joint
Has a lot to answer for
That bar at Sorrow Point

©2020 John S Alty

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I like saltys lyrics but missed this one, its very good, nicely done with a big delay/echo.

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Hey, like Joe, he gave her the gun Wink -- good one!

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Man, that takes a dark turn there at the end. This has a cool atmosphere. One of these days it would be cool to go big with the drums and lets this thing roll on for a while, a sort of blistering trance-rock tune. The story and song play like a short indie film/music video in black and white

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Love the lyrics, jury still out on all of that delay/echo because if I didn't have the lyrics to read I would have no idea what is being said.

Still...I do like experimentation and I'm enjoying the guitar! Smile

Good job, guys!

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I really love how the lyric paints such a vivid picture of these unfortunate characters! There is a wonderful feel to the music that captures that dark haze and the danger of the relationship. What a great hook.

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Wow, the lyrics paint an clear then eerie picture. The arrangement works well to build an unsettling vibe. Really nice collaboration.

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Nice story piece, the sounds give an image of a murky joint where this all happened.