The White Lady

The White Lady

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Liner Notes: 

Not political. Not that kind of white lady. I know what you were all thinking.

This is a round based on a local Legend of a ghostly woman in white who warns locals about incoming storms in Sleepy Hollow on the Hudson River. I think there are multiple versions of this, but in the one I know she fell in love with a British soldier who told her he would return on a particular day and that she should stand on Raven Rock and look for his white topsail. She saved scraps of white fabric... linen, wool, whatever she could find and made herself a wedding dress, and she waited all day and all night through a terrible storm. They didn't find her until the following spring, but people say they can hear her wailing just before a storm comes in.


Hear the White Lady of Raven Rock Sing
Storm is a coming, love. Where are you?
Her tears are as cold as the snow she brings
Storm is a coming, love. Where are you?
She waits on the Rock for her soldier love
Storm is a coming, love. Where are you?
In a patchwork dress as white as a dove
Storm is a coming, love. Where are you?

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I just happened to be hanging out when this came up. It seems very much in your wheelhouse, the mythic/ghost element.

I was surprised the music was synths, but we're talking about an otherworldly being that transcends timelines, so why not. The sounds seem fitting.

I like the notion of her frozen tears generating a snowstorm.

But a patchwork dress -- wouldn't necessarily be all white, right? The image that summons is a multicolored thing. Maybe say wedding dress instead? That maybe tells the story a little more.

But very cool, interesting and intriguing.

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It's a patchwork wedding dress. People did things like that back then. It is varying shades of white. It's part of the story, and I didn't write the story.

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Great job capturing the old English/early American folk song styles, and a lyric that also beckons to those styles. I like the ambient treatment with the synths, airiness and nicely processed vocal, which all help to give the song a ghostly air.

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So gorgeous - hauntingly beautiful and so wonderfully delivered! I love the round and the interplay of instruments. It has a timeless feel with the music and style/structure of the lyrics. Love this so much!

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i assumed her patchwork dress is multi colored, she is the one that is white as a dove..not the dress. .fine writing with a fitting arrangement. the rounds work in part becase the lines do not repeat on top of each other until the story is told clearly in its entirety. sometmes in rounds the roumds begin too early, before we are fully rooted in the story,

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The dress is a white patchwork wedding dress. It's part of the legend. I didn't write the legend.

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Besides what the others said I like a lot of little elements, e.g. how the synths drop after the last words.

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This is so cool. Love the story! Haunting melody and harmony (rounds are always fun), and the electronic music allows the traditional to blend with the modern in a really engaging way.

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With a title like that, I'd have been disappointed if it had been a political song. I immediately thought ghost story and I love what you've done with it! The folky melody and rhythm are bang on the money, and i love how the electronica backing enhances it and brings a different dimension to the tale.