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Liner Notes: 

This is another I had a bit of a jump start on. I had made the loop I used as the seed for this back in March in Bandlab while at a very long dialysis appointment. I used some sort of Grunge loop which is why I called it Lithium and decided to keep the title.

I added the following to my existing loop:
Midi Lokomotive set to Crimson Glory
Midi Lovomitv set to Haunted House
Midi Harpsichord
Sampled Vibraslap

I played with the panning it's fun to listen to it through headphones, but do what you like.

I added reverb, chorus and phaser to just about everything and ran the original loop through a bass cabinet just for kicks.

So hope you like this one, I had fun making it and I'm thinking they may end up as part of electronic album.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This makes me feel afraid! Eerie and somehow I can picture a dungeon that's dark and damp. Awesome!

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The way those melodies answer each other is almost atonal but it works. Super eerie. I dig it. The drums are a nice groove.

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Super weird feel. I like listening to stuff like this sometimes, because it jolts me out of the way I think about music and it can be inspiring. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun producing these so that's awesome.

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Fitting title Smile

This is really great! That loop has a crawling along feel I'm really enjoying. I also play with bandlab quite a bit while bored and sitting somewhere I'd rather not be hahah it is great for such things. that phaser was just right, I tend to overdo it in the moment, and rarely edit later, especially not here Biggrin Yeah I think you should do an electronica album, you have a great knack for it, there's still a great human touch to the little bit I've heard you do..... that is usually lacking in the genre for my tastes. It's hard to pull off successfully, but I think you could even mash a vocal/acoustic performance with a pretty synthy piece like this.... I'd really enjoy at least Wink If you haven't already hahah I've yet to listen to but a few of yours so far Wink

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THese things I cant do, but love it when I hear it!