You taught me

You taught me

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Liner Notes: 

Here we are with another vague synth thing. Most of the synth noises are from modular analog synths. Repetitive chordal thing is from Moog Subharmonicaon and Moog Mother 32 has the melody. Bass and drums are computer generated.

Today I kept a notebook close and wrote down snippets of thought. A few are from the last several days, some are today.

Not sure what it all means of course.


Rough transcription:

When it comes down to it
here we are

sixteen thousand theaters
lights on the stage
we're all fighting for the limelight

Normal town
dropped an air bomb

rhumba all night long
6 ft rumble til the break of dawn

Saint 17 on the air tonight
doing her level best
to stay chaste
and sober

(Chorus-ish)You taught me everything I know

don't let the cynics decide
you are your own best argument

sister squeeze was keeping it down
funkiest beat in the whole damn town

you cast your spell
I'm helpless

stranded in the country
not a single thing around
nothing but air and trees
and birds to bring you down

so busy hurting
we no longer care
so wrapped up
in lies and hate

everybody's so damn hurt
everybody forgot about
the work

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I feel like I'm watching a movie, with some David Lynch atmosphere in the vocal sound and the synth chords, space travel in the synth swoops, and some violence going on in those computer-generated drum parts. I like the bubbly synth bits, and what sounds like thunder. Ah, you mentioned all those theaters, maybe that's what sparked this imagining. I love how free the lyrics are, interesting to hear the raw consciousness.

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the music is creepy, like being stuck in some eternal nightclub wuth a pile of futurustic creeps who have lost whatever used to be human about them, and here we are, trying to figure it all out. what happened to humanity? have we become a triliion rung curcus without a audience?

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This is sort of like flipping around the AM dial while the kid in the back is listening to an EDM instrumental. Love the echoey loopy synths and the lyric is just vague enough to allow interpretation.

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Not sure why, but I get this David Byrne vibe off of this. Might be the phrasing of your lyrics. I like the ambience you've created with this one. Feels industrial and yet has a rather silk texture too. Me digs.

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Really cool and weird vibe to the song. Enjoyed it a lot!

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Interesting experimental song! For me a stream of consciousness is still coherent so I wasn't expecting this. It's interesting though because it's not supposed to make sense, but then some parts do randomly make sense together in a weird way. Also wouldn't be surprised if some radio hits were written like this haha.