At Acoustic Bass Lake

At Acoustic Bass Lake

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Liner Notes: 

Sean sez: The other day on the Slack Chat I mentioned I was going for a hike at Bass Lake (bass as in glass) . Andy started riffing on bass as in face, then he went to a dictionary of Canadian slang and sent me these lyrics. Of course, the only instrument I could play this on would be acoustic bass, so here it is, eh.

Andy sez: Our first ever collab, hard to believe as we both have been doing 50/90 for years. As a disclaimer I have never been to Canada, although as a kid my parents took me to Niagara Falls and I could see the Canadian side of the falls from the US side. Also watched SCTV and The Great White North skits back in the day. My writing started with a list of activities from the Ontario park website. Fun fact, from the sky Bass Lake looks a bit like a neckless bass guitar body. This was a fun collab and a great truly Canadian recording Sean!


At Acoustic Bass Lake
© August 18, 2020
Lyrics Andy Getch Music, Rhythm Bass, Lead Bass and Vox: Sean McGaughey

Chords {Gx2, Cx2}x3 , Ax2, Dx2 ...

Ten minutes drive west of Orillia
You’ll find the best zik park in Canada
Not too far in the boonies- It’s always a good day
At Acoustic Bass Lake Eh

It’s got sportfishing for bass
Acoustic, electric, double, and 12 string
See the effects of glaciers - From 10,000 years ago
At Acoustic Bass Lake ‘Eh

Just need a reservation - For natural observation
Water a tree or use a comfort station
Talk a walk up the fingerboard’s intonation
At Acoustic Bass Lake ‘Eh

Ain’t no hockey or curling here
Camp with your own Molson nectar beer
Fellers with their Two Fours- Slogging songwriters buskin
At Acoustic Bass Lake ‘Eh

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Canadian slang! Eh, OK... I always wanted to like acoustic bass guitars, but never found one that worked for me. (Well, uke bass works for me, but that's different because it doesn't pretend to be a viable acoustic instrument).

Sportfishing for bass indeed. I don't think I have a two four. Maybe a two BY four. In the basement with the other scrap wood.

There's a Replacements lyric I like: Americans are lonely, Canadians are lonesome (I'll be you)

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This was a fun listen. Smile Great collab!

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those two bass lines are something else. i really like how they go together and support the melody and lyric.

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I use an acoustic bass quite a lot and so was intrigued to hear this...the Canadianisms (?) are fascinating as is this highly original collab!

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I was born in Canada--my folks lived in a North Dakota border town and births were cheap--but I've only spend about 5 days in my life there.

Still...I think its "spirit" is in my DNA. I wish we Yanks were more like you Hosers.

Beautiful song, love the vocal and am really enjoying picking up the Canadian slang! Great job, guys!

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Such a quirky concept. And a fabulous execution! Awesome collab guys. As a confirmed four-string furniture worrier, I approve this song. Wink

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Haha, I love this. Every line is witty, eh? I'm imagining fishing for an acoustic bass at this lake.

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I really love those bass lines and the great vocals. Those lyrics make me smile, but you knew they would! I’m glad the two of you came together for this collaboration!

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The wordplay, the instrumentation, the delivery--all so enjoyable. Love the "sportfishing for bass/Acoustic, electric, double, and 12 string" line!

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I *really* need an acoustic bass............
Anyhoo, this sounds great! Love the 'ehs'! The last two sections, I can just picture the two of you sitting on the lake, pickin guitars and basses, and writing some awesome tunes. <3

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Just the acoustic bass stuff is lovely on its own, but what a nice idea to just put lyrics over the top playing on words like this. A nice little listen.