Chloroform Synthesia

Chloroform Synthesia

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Liner Notes: 

This one fits a little better with the doing a song in another artist's style, I went for a John Carpenter score feel here. The title came from the handy dandy Lana Del Rey song title generator.

I started this one a while ago for the #bassfirst challenge but the really struggled after I got the bass part done. I fiddled around with is a little yesterday and then some more this morning. I wanted to add some more to it but I didn't want to go overboard.

One this track:
Midi Lokomotiv set to Smoked Bass
Midi Lokomotiv set to Stepforward
Samples Stomps
Sampled chaninsaw (from

I added reverb and chorus to pretty much everything, even the chainsaw. Oh and I used the vinyl effect and put a hard warp on it so it would sound a little off. Nothing like actively trying to make off putting music. Smile

I wanted to use the chainsaw because, for me, that is one of the most frightening noises.

I'm a little more iffy on this one than I have been on the other instrumentals but there is something about it I like.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a dark and ominous sounding track!

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Off-putting? I suppose, but I like it. I was instantly jarred by the opening.
Sounds like paint being thrown on a wall - that's a compliment! Very unique and quite mesmerizing.

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I agree wholeheartedly with you-nothing wrong with offputting music. It makes you have to grapple with reality with a little bit more fierceness and tenacity. This was all kinds of fun to listen to and I definitely can hear John carpenters style. Now I’ve got a break out my VHS tapes.

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I like the effect you got with pitch bending. Makes everything a little melty and not quite connected... like what I would imagine a chloroform experience would be like.

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That is creepy and vertigo inducing. The combination of the wobbly dissonance of the bass synths and the atonal melody are really unsettling. It works well.

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Can imagine this soundtracking some nightmare scene with wildly spinning and telescoping visuals in time with the warping of the music. Weird, creepy, yet strangely compelling.

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Cool! A bit dark and mysterious but I just love it!

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I've got goose bumps and it's only just started!
This is massively menacing and a great use of those synth sounds. That bass is so rich it should have a calorie count. I love how slightly uneasy the "offness" makes me feel.

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you have captured the effective minimalism of a carpenter score. nothing sounds off to me, but nothing ever does. in music, everything fits.

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Yup very dark and ominous, nailed as a movie track

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There is a bit of monopolistic imperial feel with sprinkly uncertainty but definitely horrific future

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Music that makes you close your eyes if you dare.

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Oh, I love the off-putting. It's so effective to give this that horrific creepy vibe. Again, that bass synth is just menacing - but deliciously phat. Again, this would work well in a soundtrack. John Carpenter would be proud.

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