Love is a Garden

Love is a Garden

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Liner Notes: 

This 50/90 is my first and while I gather much of what is posted at least from what I read early on is supposed to be something finished, as a writer I consider anything I write, posted or not, to be a work in progress. Open to comments, thoughts or suggestions even when I don't say it.


Love is a Garden

Love is a garden
Of fragrant delight
In the heat of the day
Or under moonlight
A rollercoaster of emotions
The highs and the lows
Nourished by feeling
That continues to grow

Love is a garden
Of fertile extremes
That weather what nature
Induces in dreams
Fruits of passion for those who rush in
To things they can't see
Beauty and ugly
That together are free

A gardener's art
Expresses the heart
Digging and planting each day
Seeding beds
Pruning heads
Spontaneous passion in play

Love is a garden
Of changing design
Where beautiful flowers
Become intertwined
As they adapt to one another
Absorbing the night
Replenished by sun
A magnificent sight

Oh love is a garden!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Just as a note, I don't necessarily post stuff that's only 'finished' -- very rarely do I post a high-gloss, finished demo.

To this lyric in specific:
There is a delightful rhythm to the lyrics. They fairly sing off the screen, as it were. You have a good use of meter and image. A true pleasure to read!

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Whether a finished product or no, I too, still consider a lot of my songs works in progress. It does appear finished but I can also see where there are opportunities to expound on what you have currently. Nice work here.

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some fine writing here. i especiially liked the final verse