High and Higher

High and Higher

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Liner Notes: 

Well this came out depressing. I swear I'm fine.

This actually came out of a couple ideas--the songfight prompt "High and Higher" and the "oblique strategies" prompt from week 5. I cycled through a few prompts before zoning out and contemplating the medication that I needed to refill. I turned back to the screen and the prompt was, "What are you really thinking about right now?"
So I ran with that and it turned into this.


Days run into days run into night
As I watch the fires all around
Wondering just who is on my side
I take another pill to settle down

I see everything behind my eyes
As I lay down for the night
I got the world spinning in my head
I got the enemy in my sights

But I know it's gonna end

My medication
My meditation
No hesitation, throw it all into the fire
There's high and then there's higher

It's no wonder that I feel this way
You tore me up and threw me down
Not like I've got anything to say
Gonna bring you to the ground

'Cause I know I gotta change

My medication
My meditation
No hesitation, throw it all into the fire
There's high and then there's higher

So give me sweet, sweet poison in my lungs
Tell me, what will I become
Just how long before I'm gone
And it doesn't even matter
'Cause I will rise again
But there's no need to pretend
That I'm okay, I'm okay

My medication
My meditation
No hesitation, throw it all into the fire
There's high and then there's higher

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Woah. Everything is right here. Hot damn habanero.

Your vocal layering is stupidly good. What even is that brassy synth low in the mix towards the end?

Considering the lyrics and how apt the music understands them, I'm not depressed in the slightest hearing this. I'm a bit lighter.

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yeah i rarely feel like i write! very good right from the off. Its a very good song! Interesting all music in left ear and vocals right!

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Thumbs up from me too. Another good one, lyrically, musically, performance , checks all the boxes for me.

wobbie wobbit's picture

nice take on the prompt and a fine sound! nicely done all round Smile

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Love that chorus. Seriously great layering with the harmonies. Lyrics are good all around. It may be slightly depressing, but only in a way that makes you feel more connected. Really liked this one.

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Well I must say that it may sound a bit depressing (but I'm not really getting that impression here). In fact, it seems more like a building of hope. The chorus is pretty freakin' sweet and that bridge? Ooohh I love it. I'm not too good at doing prompts but it's always a pleasure listening to excel at it.

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I love so much about this one - the lovely chorus, the gently propulsive rhythm guitar, the lyrics that seem to be speaking to me and to how I feel lately, how the title becomes a super-memorable hook ,,,

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This one is pure gold Robyn! I love the melody and when you hit that chorus I am transported to somewhere north of Rock Heaven!! The instrumentation is so friggin' perfect and your vocals just positively awesome! I'm not getting anything depressing from the lyrics rather, I am seeing/feeling hope. This is just an excellent song and the more I listen to your music the more I am becoming a huge fan! Keep up the great work!!!

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Great piece of writing here...I'm with others who get a more positive vibe from this than anything negative...I think your vocals are especially good and they in themselves are uplifting and then there's the hook to die for...fabulous!

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That intro is top notch, it has a bluesy rock feel that drew me in and then your vocals have a lovely dream quality to them. This has a great 90s alt rock feel to it that works really well for me. I love that chorus, it's very memorable and catchy and breaks up the more somber feeling choruses. Really nice work on this one.

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Really moving. Dig this one a lot!

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The guitar at the beginning really sets things up nicely. Wonderful chords and melody in the verses. Excellent chorus. Great phrasing in the bridge. Another nice one!