Fruit song ( empowered fruit)

Fruit song ( empowered fruit)

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I'm trying no to catch up. Wanna do 50. Also wondered if I might take leaf from Stephens' book and improvise. If I improvised the song how would I stop myself from getting in a rut ? Like would alll the songs end up like chants - how to ensure they had chord changes, structure .. though at the beginning I should probably start small and focus on not drying up! I might give it a go later today.
As for this one: my alter ego has the last name tutti fruit I so it's only reasonable that she should have a few fruit related songs up her sleeve. I've stopped after there but clearly there's a potential for new fruit to come up with their qualities. Please add anything in the chat. This is time for fruit to stand up and make their case. Personally I wasn't aware that mango was quite so conceited but it stands to reason I suppose.


I am a banana
I am so cool
Eat me in the morning
Before you go to school

I know when you see me
Lying on your plate
You get so excited
And you wanna celebrate

I am banana

And I am orange
And I'm always round
I fit in your fruit bowl
And do not make a sound

I know when you smell me
You can't resist
That unique aroma
In the size of your fist

I am an orange

I am an apple
The one they used to say
That if you eat me regularly
The doctor'll stay away

I'm crisp and crunchy
The only one that is
And when you bite into my flesh
You'll feel a pleasant fizz

I am apple

I am mango
They all look up to me
I'm a flavour explosion
To have for tea

My texture's delightful
My taste unsurpassed
When I'm in the house
I disappear fast!

I am mango

And so on!

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Kids would love this! I'm trying to think of the well known kids tune that fits this (I'm a little teapot isn't it, but something like that). I can here the junior primary class singing their fruit-desiring hearts out already!

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Thanks. I didn't (in this case) try to write it to an existing tune, so I'm intrigued about what it summons up. I wrote to a very basic groove (well just four beats really) that I was playing around with in a cool little app called beatwave unfortunately I accidentally messed it up, or I'd have put in a demo already. I'll have to revisit.. as I already forgot how the tune goes.. with the little hang line.!!

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Delightfully delicious kids song! Lots of playful and vivid images!