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Liner Notes: 

Still working with this amazing software. This is a sketch. It needs fleshing out. Maybe develop the B section a little bit more. Work on the transition. But I'm pleased with it.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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really nice piece of music. very theatrical or maybe for a movie

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thefirt part is james bond level action music. the slow pace is perfect for underwater chase scenes,,,, the second part could underscore the underwater stalking of the girl by the creature from the black lagoom

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Super orchestral sounds, I like the way things are panned in my headphones. Very suspenseful, love the heavy and deep percussion. Love the sudden harp and bell entrance.

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What software are you using--which Kontakt compatible? I've got a bunch of orchestral things, but haven't really tried doing much with them other than some string backgrounds to my regular songs.

This is pretty cool--definitely picturing the movie in my mind that this was soundtrack to. Great job! Have you studied orchestration--because this is pretty darned good!

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I, too, am listening in headphones, and glad I'm doing so.
This is wonderful - so fully realized for what you call a sketch. You have it all - orchestral, percussive, and then at 1:30 that pretty duet. Wow!

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Omigosh! Soundtrack and sync supervisors look no further...excellent composition!

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So lovely and clear, those sounds are amazing. And you arranged them so beautifully. This is a keeper.