Crashing Down

Crashing Down

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Liner Notes: 

Colleen: When I saw Doug’s lyrics, I really wanted to claim this song. I could go on and on about the brilliance of the writing he did on this. I poured a little of myself into verses three and four, the bridge and the choruses. I hope you find that my additions match the power of Doug’s clever lyrics. The clever sibilance, the internal rhyme, the fantastic rhythm. I think you can see why I like working with Doug’s lyrics....

Doug: I'm kind of embarrassed because I posted the lyric before it was really done and Colleen took the initiative and wrote the two verses that were needed to complete it and she managed to do it in the exact style of the first two verses, which I know couldn't have been super easy. And she moved things around to help them make better sense. Anyway, I'm delighted with the result, which has an understated beauty and grace to it as well as a perfectly bittersweet melody. I love Colleen's singing and here you have a perfect example of why. Sorry for the extra work and thank you for another great collaboration, Colleen!


She erases
The traces
On the places
Where the aces
Fell right out of his sleeve

When the lights dim
Without him
Touching her skin
No more sly grin
She almost can’t believe

(Lift 1)
Fists uncurled
She’ll create a new world
Gonna make it happen
So she won’t feel
Her old world crashing down around her

Crashing down
Crashing down, down, down
Crashing down
Crashing down

He’d scold her,
Growing bolder,
As he told her
Hands on shoulders,
“I can never let you go!”

Carefully reading
Hiding, peeking
Bruised and bleeding
Now she’s seeking
How to flee so he won’t know

(Lift 2)
She felt sick
Having to convict him
Of the crime of passion
That made her numb
Her world come crashing down around her

Crashing down
Crashing down, down, down
Crashing down
Crashing down

Like a windstorm she’s roaring
Like an eagle she’s soaring
And she’s pouring her soul into life
There will be no rewind
There will be no rerun
There will be a reward
Never again will she come

Crashing down
Crashing down, down, down
Crashing down
Crashing down
Never again will she come
Crashing down
Crashing down, down, down
Crashing down
(Fade out)

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i loved this lyric and almost pinched it! It actually inspired a song of mine called (the rhyming) so beautiful to me. Lovely delivery of this fine lyric! this is really good

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brilliant collab. hard to believe it is the work of two different people the words and music seem to come from the same place, something about it brings dar williams to mind, nothing particular, just the delicate care taken with the words and music.. and the general level of excellence

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This is a brilliant collaboration, the lyrics and performance of a gentle vulnerability to them which is superb. Very nice job to both of you.