I hear you breathing

I hear you breathing

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Liner Notes: 

Nancy sent me a guitar sketch and I messed about with adding some electronic instrumentation and virtually inaudible vocals


I hear you breathing

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I am so glad you posted some music! This is a great, I love the dreamy feel of it, this is a solid instrumental, ambient track. Very nice job!

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Captures that 90s Ibiza chill vibe nicely. I used to listen to so much of this stuff back in the day. Happy times.

These days it feels like everyone is much too stressed out by the state of things to just stop and focus on breathing slowly and deeply. I suspect we'd all feel better if we did, every once in a while. This would make the perfect accompaniment for doing so.

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The title got my attention - seems I’m drawn to songs about breathing. Nice, relaxing ambient track. Ah...

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This is the perfect thing to listen to as I take a break for a moment from doing yard work, etc...on a Saturday. Very laid-back with cool ambience. Great title! Nice!

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Awesome! This is so rich and lovely. It's like those records that sound like you're listening to the past through a tunnel, or something. I love the slight vocals, by the way. They remind me somehow of the unusual vocals on Kandy Korn by Captain Beefheart. Really this song is lovely. Why aren't more songs like this?

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Great sounds -- the background swells are especially appealing. Lots of cool texture. The choir-style vocals are intriguing.

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nice! sounds very 'cinematic' (wide open expanses and all that..)

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Relaxing meditative vibe that transports me to very peaceful space. I want to back and listen with headphones while doing a back float in warm water in the dark...

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Lovely. I definitely want this on in the background the next time I get stressed and want to just...chill.

Great collab!

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Fascinating layers. I like how the piano dances around with the guitar. The choir adds a very slight creepiness to this, which I love. My ears love that vibrating, rattily, almost buzzing sound you bring in and out. Cool stuff! Smile

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landscape like, merging and moving very nice.

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nice afternoon chill out piece. i like how it changes trying to redefine a key and then slipping back into dorian-mixolydian ambivalence.