I Wanna Dance With Somebody(biting the air out of poor Wilhelm remix)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody(biting the air out of poor Wilhelm remix)

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Liner Notes: 

dzd: I had planned to completely destroy this wonderful dance track to beyond all recognition(with the graciously given permission of @sbs2018 of course Wink )
but plans being what they are, and had lots of nice samples still sitting around (the air hiss, good 'ol Wilhelm, and my doggie, figured why not)

I still may do some guitar weirdness to it later if I'm not told immediately to just take it down and stuff it somewhere Biggrin haha thanks again! screamie birdies Wink It was a blast! and a learning experience for me, have never done any remixing digitally Wink boy had I been going about things the hard way years ago with all that tape splicing nonsense Wink


hiss, ruff ruff, ahhhhhh

edit........oh, and........ I wanna dance with somebody, this birdie

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I like. The Wilhelm scream & dog barks work perfectly in this one. Great remix! Now I wanna go listen to the original Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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It is a good remix. That Wilhelm is getting around.

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Great work. You should play it for mr. watasaaabi.

You've got a real talent for EDM... who knew?! Do you own a shiny nylon shirt with all the top buttons missing too? Smile Leather pants? (Chaps don't count).

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I liked the original, but this is a trippy good time for sure. I demand that you add some nasty guitar!

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Love it! Although,,, a bit disappointed there’s no guitar weirdness. Smile

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Pretty cool. I think a guitar werdnes smix might be interesting as well, though, but do keep this one, it holds the interest throughout.

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i dont think it needs any guitar weirdness. might blow the dancers out of their pants. this is the kind of relaxed groove you dont want to mess with, even the dogs are keeping good time. i think you start losing it in the last minute of disintegration

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I'm sure I've heard the earlier version, but am really enjoying this one. I've definitely got to experiment with some samples and loops after 5090 is over.


Great job!

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Good one, those screams are used very well!