A Year of Tuesdays

A Year of Tuesdays

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Liner Notes: 

For a while all days have seemed like Tuesdays. Not the worst day, but I guess not my favorite.

Rock guitars, and I haven't played with an e-bow in a long time, so that's in there.

And I wanted to get this posted before all the FAWMstock stuff started up...

Guitars except for the main electric rhythm part came from a Husonics 1-watt amp.


It's a year of Tuesdays
Wednesday arrived too late
what did we do
to deserve this fate

haunted by a memory
of days gone by
no more Sunday morning
no more Saturday night

365 Tuesdays a year

We all make mistakes
in this life we live
but this one just might be
too big to forgive

I remember those other days
even if it's a blur
we'll take anything
even Monday could occur

We're still paying off
that original sin
what kind of debt
do we find ourselves in

Tuesday forever
that's the price we pay
we have all of us
been betrayed

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inventive use of tuesday rather than the typical sunday that is generally cited as the boring day that goes on forever. i like the way you justify tuesday as the boring day we find ourelves stuck in. i like the music too, with strong vocals that communcate a rather pissed off mournfulness.

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clever to pick a lesser known day. nice music and very good vocal delivery. nice song!

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Tuesday is my least favorite day of the year - too far from the weekend and still not halfway through the week. Nice vocals/harmony - might have liked them a little more forward, though. Really enjoyed my listen.

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Opening with the chorus, it sounds almost festive with that major cadence and sweet harmonies. Like maybe it's a fun novelty at first. The verses tell another story, though. I like the big guitar sound, and the paradoxical Monday verse especially.

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Wonderful metaphor and captures the angst of the year we are in. The juxtaposition of the feel of the music and sentiment of the lyric work really well together and I love your sound! Great song!

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Oh, I feel this way! I lose track of days all the time - started in about May.
And this is one awesome song! Anthemic and big and rocking, yet personal, too. Wonderful vocals - singalong worthy.

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This is pretty great. What a huge sound for this one, and the ebow sounds awesome. Your voice sounds really nice and the weird harmony is a cool effect. Every day is Tuesday,it's the same every day.It's Groundhog Day.

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Aint that the truth, well crafted, this one, love laid- back weariness, the chorus is is pretty sticky in the brainy, if you know what I mean.

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Tuesday is actually the worst day of the week statistically. I think it's supposedly because you're too far out of the weekend but not even halfway towards the next one.
Quite an inventive sounding song actually, that chorus has something quite "sixties" about it, i like the syncopation. The sort of quieter drums playing a kind of slightly syncopated thing also really adds to the flavour, and of course the ebow adds that sort of unusualness to the sound too, sort of backwardsy. Really fits the lyrics, in a way, like a dream.

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So Tuesdays are the WORST days of the week for me. Since Jan, I've had to deal with weekly client chaos every. fucking. Tuesday. So this makes 100% and perfect sense to me. And then yeah, Tuesdays just keep repeating over and over and over... Hell on a calendar! UGH!
My name's Adnama17, and I approve this message.