Rain Dance Blues (I Shall Not Fear)

Rain Dance Blues (I Shall Not Fear)

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* Revised original mix from 12Aug2020, to a tad leaner Smile (removed the kitchen sink?)..., well maybe.

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Cody had some live recorded Oklahoma flatland storms from last week, and other, -- all original live sounds freshly recorded; and, of course all instruments are "live" too.
(Including the dog, prior to barking Wink hahhh! No, Cody uses him as work for hire vocals and me too.)

So, anyway, ---- Cody had a Slide-guitar track he was considering, stored in his looper and for another fellow somewhere else, that fellows "blues song". When I heard it, -- well, it had, as I said, "great bones" and with the live-sounds he had too, -- loaded them into Audacity, dog and all.

As I had time today, after aligning them all, then, chopping and rearranging, I in "flow of thought" w/o a plan then added a Bass melody, actually two more in syncopation over that first one. Then, I think I added the NAF in G, then Harp in B (CK F#/F), then added the Electric Guitar (playing in Key C Wink hahahahaahaha) -- and thought I was done, and had an instrumental.

However, I did a quick browse of all the Lyric I had, and ---- especially from March to June and then saw what I wound up using.
-- In my mind, while not a "traditional" song structure, -- it seemed it would fit if just went with it and sung it. So, on first-pass, and one-take sang it into it, free form, and -- w/o trial into that Instrumental only track.

For me, it felt like it lacked a little dimension with that single vocal track dubbed in, ---- and I now I have, presently, "Ear Fatigue", to be sure!..., nevertheless, then ---- sang another take into it, syncopated. I don't know if one would call it "harmony" or "gang" vocal... I just wanted yet another dimension syncopated into it.
(Words as "Notes", more than a traditional Lyric use, form).

And so I say, I Smile puked all over Cody's track since he likely was not expecting this, -- nor was I expecting it either. Well, this is what you get when you free form experiment and not worried about the outcome.

But, itTisWhatitTis... and thereItBee...

-- I wonder how it will sound tomorrow? Always a "surprise" aye! O M G, what did I do!!! Smile

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and for my next trick I shall fart in a microphone and send it your way Biggrin
really amazing stuff! wow! thanks for this! hahaha..........I really wish I'd of brought headphones with me, might have to go get a cheap dollar store pair Smile
lyrics/vocals working for me! flow on!

edit: they had some hp's at the front desk Wink ..........I see why you said what you did.....last night? your bass, that harp and your electric noodles actually make this something special...that great vocal take just icing on the cake :D........sorry I'll quit commenting on "collaborated" stuff now Biggrin hahaha

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Wow! This is really brilliant. The vocals and vocal effects are intense and work perfectly to add such a haunting quality to the music and message. The instrumental layers create a wonderfully rich and diverse eeriness. I feel like I’ve enter the thoughts of a psychotic mind in the midst of a paranoid delusion. It is powerful and poignant wonderful! Great collaboration!

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well we have gone arty havent we! its very good, sounds like a movie soundtrack. it really is very good! would then lead onto a bigger track behind!

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Ooh--I really love the SFX on this. For the first time this year, I did songs with SFX--"Old Clock" starts with a grandfather clock ticking and chiming at the end. "I Heard A Song On the Radio" has some radio band scrolling and my own DJ "Introduction" to the song. I can't recall if you were the one that inspired that at the time or not.

Anyway...you've got the technique mastered--very entertaining!

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Ha - 'tis definitely the season for setting thunderstorms to music. This took me on a real sonic adventure, with multiple layers of sound and fury to engage the attention. Quintessential prog guitar and workhorse bass keep everything grounded and - hey, what? It's *over*? Already? I was settling in for an eight- or nine-minute magnum opus!

More of this sort of thing, please.

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Ustaknow, you're went and done it this time. Reminds me of a sacred Indian chant at sweat lodge.

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The bass line adds an ominous feeling to this track.
I'm loving the atmosphere with the storms and dogs and such.
Great treatment on the vox.
Enjoying the distant David Gilmour guitar.

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Quite mysterious with some power to this one, has an element of danger in the sound.