Rain Panic [FT]

Rain Panic [FT]

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Liner Notes: 

This morning at 11am, I drive to my physiotherapist through quiet streets and roads. It starts raining as I enter the rooms. An hour later, I step out into gridlock, road mayhem, a desperate rush on the supermarkets and I'm reminded that this town just goes bonkers mad every time it rains. Which is usually a goodly amount, mainly winter. 1m (39 inches) annual average, mainly April-Sep with a winter 3-month peak.

There's an End-Of-The-World feel about the reaction, even though that properly belongs with Melbourne, as currently (and foretold in the movie On The Beach). It must be the evil manipulation of the Weather Gods, I'm sure. Or a strange by-product of the Oz fixation with hoarding toilet rolls...

Samples all courtesy Garritan Personal and Instant Orchestras. I had another Moment tonight, but I think the resultant quavery voice fits the End of the World very well.


Words & Music Copyright © 2020 TJ FATCHEN All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

It's started raining in my town
And filled the folk with fear;
The panic, well, it makes you think
The End is drawing near.

The world is ending, so it seems
Brought on by gentle rain.
Behold the supermarket crush!
As if they've gone insane

The traffic's going gridlocked
As the cars cram all the lanes
Water falling from the sky!
We're at World's End again!

Road rage bumps for parking spots!
Scowl! No place for smiles!
Race to hoard the toilet rolls!
Cage fight in the aisles!

But still, the world it didn't end
The last time that it rained
Nor the many times before,
It didn't end, again.

Yet rain still sets the panic off
And drives the crowd insane.
For all that it's life-giving,
The soft and gentle rain.

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This has a really nice cinematic feel to it, you create a sense of anxiety as you go. Very nice job, I love the synth part, it really heightens the anxiety. That piano part works quite nicely with your vocals, this is a solid track!

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i was imaginig this playing during the end credits of on the beach. it would rival the irony of we'll meet again at the end of dr strangelove, and would surely ruin the final scenes of the movie.

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Well written lyrics! The piano sounds like soft rain sprinkles. The orchestral sounds really add drama with your vocals. Nice.

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This is very funny, doesn't toilet roll hoarding happen all around the world? What is gridlock in Adelaide, four cars on a street? Whole thing made me laugh, well done!

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@artyredsocks Four cars on a street is regarded as gridlock in Adelaide, but this is mount barker, where 500 cars try to fit into streets designed for two buggies to pass each other.