A Warm House

A Warm House

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Liner Notes: 

This was supposed to be for the week 6 challenge "flowers" but it got away from me so I'll have to try again. I mention flowers but not how I wanted so I'll try again.

I was mainly inspired by an old abandoned house across the street from mine. My wife and I always joke that since we have no kids, we'll leave our stuff our niece and nephews who are going to get it and all and be like "I don't want this crap, what am I supposed to do with all these collectibles?" So I was thinking, about how you could lead a very happy life and in the end your house and stuff just rots to nothing. Super happy stuff coming out of me.

In my mind the couple had a long happy life and then dies, leaving their house cold and empty so t's kind of like the "Notebook, ultimately it's kind of happy but it still rips your heart out.

Anyway, on this track:
Acoustic Guitar
Bass (Fender Strat Squire pitch shifted down an octave)

I struggled with the bass a bit, I kept it simple and then felt it kind of got lost so I was going to remove it but then kind of liked how it doubled what the guitar was doing to I left it.

This is also a very rare song that I'm rhyming the entire time which felt odd for me.


Verse: G em am D
Chorus: C am D

That old house sits empty
Hasn't seen life in sometime
The windows are being boarded up
And the shingles
Slowly blow away

There were good times once had
A love that would surely last
Years go on, people grow old
A warm house soon grows cold

There were flowers in the garden
A car in the yard
Decorations up for Halloween
Each and every fall

There were good times once had
A love that would surely last
Years go on, people grow old
A warm house soon grows cold

They signed the papers
Only 360 payments due
Bit by bit they made a home
It was their dream come true

There were good times once had
A love that would surely last
Years go on, people grow old
A warm house soon grows cold

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It's nostalgic but not really sad at all. They made a good life, and a home, and their dreams happened. The house is now just waiting, that's all. Enjoyed this and downloading too,. The guitar backing is sweet too.

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Beautifully poignant and a subject that I so love! Great vocals and guitar. Love it!

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Oh gee.. this is such a lovely and vividly rich bittersweet ballad that tugs at my heart. I love how you describe what was once the beauty and warmth that made that house a home and the sad realization that such things do not last forever. And yes sometimes the muse leads us away from the prompt we started from. I somehow saw the week 6 prompt of flowers and was going to write a song about flowers and birds that was really clear in my mind and ended up writing only about an Indigo Bunting from an LGBTQ+ perspective. I went to post it and labelled it week6 when I went back to see that week6 was about flowers - I wondered how I got so off track - but posted anyway and had to totally grow back to write a different song about flowers and force my muse into submission. I’m So very glad the Flowers prompt led your muse to this absolutely gorgeous song.

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Really nice again. Reflective but not sad to my ear. The melody is in my head! Another fine song.

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so much truth here. i lived three years in the last days of a forsaken house of a noted historian that continued to stand simply to house the endless achives of his life's work, now properly cared for in the public library. so mnay ghosts in this house that several visitors asked me their names. your song addresses the more common lifeliessness of the once happy home, but evokes the same feeling of something once profound and essentiial being lost to time.

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Your descriptions are vivid and brought me to a couple houses I know of that I've wondered who lived there & all the activity it must have had. You capture that so nicely. Lovely vocal and I like how you phrase the lines. Good playing too.

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Nice warm guitar tone and I enjoyed your vocals - your voice has a distinctive quality to the way you deliver certain words that really appeals. This song paints a vivid picture and conveys a bittersweet mood. First song of yours I've listened to this year (or maybe ever) - will be back for more.

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Ah, so here is the first attempt at the flower song, haha (personally I would still count this as a flower song since it contains the word "flowers" and it was the jumping off point). I really like the music to this, the guitar and vocals almost remind me of a classic country song. Really cool idea though and well executed!