The Same old Somersault

The Same old Somersault

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Liner Notes: 



One step forward, and one leap backwards
With no boots upon my feet
With no feet upon my legs
And no legs to middle meet

Though the road rise up beneath me
And whatever drives me on
Is a force I'll never comprehend
Until my life is gone

I greet each inch of progress
With the same old somersault
The precision of a gymnast
And no ownership of fault

Yet it's all a giddy spectacle
For those who stand and mock
This old tumbler giving polish
To this Sisyphean rock

I'm the slinky on the escalator
Ever on the run
For my eternal torment
Is your everlasting fun

Highly strung, and all wound up, not
Knowing up from down and still
I will fight the uphill battle
Never going up the hill

Ever silent, ever slinking
Going silver 'fore my time
Face the same old situations
With the rhythm of a rhyme


I'm a rainbow without colour
I'm a circle shy one half
I'm as bent as politicians
And as empty as your laugh
I'm a stoneless, boneless Skeleton
A feckless, reckless fool
And I turn in perfect unison
With one old world so cruel


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AndyGetch's picture

Oh this tumbles off of the page with such effortless grace!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Andy said it! That line about the Sisyphean rock is gold. The first verse made me chuckle, though I've read it several times and still don't know exactly what you mean. It's an arresting image at any rate

coolparadiso's picture

Yes just smashes along to the end and an excellent bridge!

Tim Fatchen's picture

Poor slinky, doomed to eternity or until the stairs stop! yes I'm tempted but I haven't done your circularity yet!

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Lovely gloomy lyrics Stephen, lots of really fine lines, would love to give it a go. Finished the music for Zealandia btw, I just have to rehearse a little more to do the fancy fingerpicking guitars justice before I press record.

crisp1's picture

Very artful, clever lyric.