I'm So ...

I'm So ...

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Liner Notes: 

I'm late, but I don't like to miss a Sunday skirmish.

Our daughter (only child) leaves in two days for her freshman year of college. I knew I'd be sad, but I had no idea I'd be this sad. So I wrote a song that she will maybe never hear.


I’m so …
I’m so …
I’m so down, I’m so blue
I’m so sad without you

I’m so …
I’m so …
I’m so alone, so empty
But I’m gonna be – I’m gonna be

So happy for you
I’m so happy for you
Tears – well, I’ll shed a few
but I’m so happy for you

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I felt all of this when my grandson went back home a couple of summers ago after living with us for three years.

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Ye they are big life events. I have a son overseas, i remember the day i took him to the airport. yes happy sad - well said friend

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Very sweet and honest. A heartfelt performance.

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that progression with the little percussive riff is nice! really captured a happy/sad vibe with it too! pretty all encompassing song left open ended with no specifics for anyone to interpret! nice work!

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This is eloquent in its simplicity.

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Very touching. I can certainly relate to this, it's a very hard thing when a child leaves home.

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Oh, this is so sweet! Really captures the bittersweet emotions of it all. Safe travels to her, and a smooth transition to you all.

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I know the feeling well - one son just graduated, the othe is a senior this year. I really heard the emotion in your song, well done.