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Waves reaching for the shore
Waves come – more and more

They don’t worry
Where they’re headed
How far they have to go
Gentleness or turbulence
That’s the life they know

Waves fall and crest
Waves rise and rest

Placid, unmoving
Ripples content to be
A witness to it all
Or crashing splashing
Against the rock(y) wall

Waves billions of years old
Waves what secrets they must hold

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This is nice. A gentle riff with vocals that create a variation in the melody over the song. The lyrics are well structured and placed together, I like the various sound effects words, of the ocean waves adding to the overall theme Smile

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I love the riff you are playing on the ukulele it compliments your vocals quite nicely. The concept for the song is very specific but you make the song feel very grand. Really nice job.

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Beautiful playing. Beautiful singing. Beautiful song! That ukulele just rolls along, like the waves! Brilliant lyrics with such a simple concept, waves, taking on such deep (no pun intended) and profound meaning! Really wonderful work on this one Corinne!

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Those little trills on the ukulele really make the song! Delicate and beautiful, with a bit of restlessness. Evokes the sense of water and waves so well. Listening makes me I feel like I'm on a Mediterranean island. . .