Going to Town

Going to Town

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Liner Notes: 

Started on this when I got up this morning, had an idea for lyrics that I worked on until about noon (while doing other things) when I decided that it just wasn't going to pan out. Tried out another idea for about an hour, but it was really bad (Had something to do with pest control. Don't ask)

Then I thought, why don't I ever tell stories in the third person anymore? My wife suggested I write about a hockey player she likes (again, don't ask). That went through a couple of iterations before I merged it with some of the first set of ideas and came out with this. I think it might be pretty good. I hope so, cause I'm sure not writing another set of lyrics.


Kara’s out working in the field on her land
William comes up with his hat in his hand
says “You’ve held here alone now for quite a span
Let me prove to you that I can be your man”

Kara says “You cut a good figure in town
But that’s not enough to bring a woman around”
He says “I can give you everything you need”
“Well in that case you can start by looking to the feeding”
And then

Bring in the pigs
Sharpen up the plow
Fix up the fence
Then come on back and let me know

“Well that ain’t nothing for a man like me
For you I’d fight battles, conquer countries and seas”
Kara says “Let’s get this clearly understood
If you want to get to me, carry water, chop wood”

“Your challenge is accepted, but I’ve one of my own
After I take on this pileup , let me take you to town”
She says “I not playing here I haven’t the time”
WIll says “you’ll have plenty now with me by your side”

And then he
Rolled up his sleeves, got into the dirt
Made it look easy, and while he worked he was singing


“Now Kara, I’ve done everything that you say,
And I see we’re getting on now to the close of the day”
“But Will, this ain’t no time to cut and run
There’s a million more things that haven’t been done”

“Hey listen now, the work here’s not going to end
I’m saying this to you as your loving friend
If you can’t step away from the tools you employ
I think you’re just afraid to go and find some joy”

And so she
Washed her face
Did up her dress
Got in the chaise
And down they went


I saw Will picking stock last week
Said “you’re the hardest working man that I ever did see
Don’t you ever want a break from all the effort and strain”
“No, there’s not a single thing that I would ever change”

You know I used to think I’d tilt the world on its end
But I would rather work hard out of love for my friend
And don’t ever feel bad for me for anything
I may be slaving all day but at night I’m a king

We might cook up a feast
Or just lie around
Taking our ease
When we’re in the mood, we go to town

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I really like the guitar/harmonica combination. They work very well together. Your vocal phrasing and melody work very well, I especially like the verses.

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Great feel to this song, I like performance a lot. I listened a few times and enjoyed it more and more with each listen.