The Man Who Cried Sick

The Man Who Cried Sick

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The Man Who Cried Sick (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

I was trying to write some songs that meant a lot to me this past week, but due to life stress etc. I just wasn't feeling up to the task and getting too precious... so I've been working through some of my old silly ideas I've had for a while! Basically I had a thought once that even hypochondriacs eventually become deathly ill, but would anyone believe them? And I thought it would make a funny song. Also meant to reference "the boy who cried wolf" obviously.


There once was a man who cried sick
Always poring over health books and websites
He's had every ailment you could imagine
Somehow afflicted with everything that doctors never find

And the doctors say
We've checked your heart, we've checked your lungs
We've checked your blood, you're fine

He always thinks the bumps on his head are brain tumors
Even though he knows he's bumped his head
He always thinks the scabs on his arms are malignant
Even when he knows he scratched a bug bite till it bled

And his wife begins to say
I'm not driving you to the ER today
And the doctors begin to say
We can't give you any more tests, you're already in so much debt
You tested fine just yesterday
And that's how the man who cried sick lost his life

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lots of people are becomign hypocondriacs these days, so the refresher on the boy who cried wolf moral is relevant, and a lot funnier than the original.

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Funny song, excellent demo! Great idea to build on 'boy who cried wolf'. Nice one!

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I like the chord choices on this one, especially the chorus, the rhythm with the chord progression is very effective. This is a great, quirky story. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. A fun song with a sad ending. Nice job again!