Beyond The Cherry Trees

Beyond The Cherry Trees

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Another piano track.

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Ahhh...soothing and so Beautiful!

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This one has a nice ebb and flow to it. Sometimes piano pieces can lack a story. Kind of like how they say a guitar solo should tell a story and not all be just the same sounding? Well this isn't the same sounding. It has a very nice feel to it. And it is relaxing, but not exceedingly so. Mild but not boring. Great title.

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Really nice piece, there are a lot of nice movements and it has a real reflective and calm quality to it. I enjoyed this!

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Wow! This has so many nice colors in one cohesive solo instrumental and I find that to be quite an impressive feat. I hear something elegant, sweet, complex, and just so engaging. Lovely times a million.

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It is calming and relaxing and I find it uplifting and hopeful too. Really nice.

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lovely and relaxing listen, beautifully played endearing melody. love the twiddly bits too Smile

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Wow, that was beautiful. I could listen to this on repeat for a very long time.

See You In The Shadows…

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I haven't listened in for ages, sorry. This is sweet and relaxing, very Classical/romantic. AND I'm glad to see we're still running at equality and still heading for the 50. Amazing. Back to the song...I'd better get onto to something pleasant too, this reminds me. Hasn't been a good time at all, I think that gets reflected in output.

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Beautiful! I see you're from Finland. I am trying to learn how to play a Tagelharpa that I bought last winter. Do you know anything about playing these mysterious instruments?

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Wow, really a beautiful composition -- yes, it's calming but it's also delicious, each note is super savory. Love it!

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This is on in the background as I slump down in my chair with my head back, tired already of a day that hasn't even properly started yet.
May be just my mood, but this pulls at the heartstrings even though its quite whimsical and positive sounding.
Anyway, very very lovely - I really love the melodies all throughout. 2:02 is simply one of my favorite things.
This is the kind of stuff I wish I could do at my keyboard, but I just can't. So I'll sit here and listen to you do it.
Truly beautiful stuff, man.

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Wow, what a delightful piano song! Your playing is superb and this melody is entrancing! I can close my eyes (as I am want to do during an instrumental) and imagine scenery and time and people and life! It is so very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!