For whom the bell tolls

For whom the bell tolls

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Liner Notes: 

Yesterday I got a Hudsonics T'Watt 1-watt tube amp in the mail from Paul "Dragondreams" Hudson. So I put some synth tracks together, and a sample of the copious church bells in our very churchy neighborhood, and a sample of a guy who REALLY WANTED TO TALK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR and was repeating that into a cell phone. A lot.

And guitar is from the Hudsonics amp, and a Squier Jagmaster guitar.


Not really. Put your supervisor on the phone, that's about it.

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Feels like an anxiety dream. The Jagmaster seems to be telling the story, while the vocal sample interrupts its train of thought, keeping it from reaching an objective. Nerve wracking! (I mean that as a sincere compliment)

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Fabulous groove beat synth AND the guitar, and the voice sample, sounds like the sixth or seventh circle coming for you. I guess the guy was a demon after all. The synth pattern does create anxiety, I agree!

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this is intense. when the guitar comes in, it gives me something to hang onto amid the anxious reeling. i doubt if speaking to the supervisor us going to help this guy.

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This put me on edge in a good way, I love those synths and the beat is fantastic. Really nice use of samples to create a wall of sound feel and that guitar part blazes through the mix perfectly. Really nice job!

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Oh wow, very cool and creepy sounds. The beat contrasts it by feeling more spacey and upbeat and the guitar manages to work off both elements. Neat song!

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the synth and drums are very insistent. Vocals are unnerving. This piece stirs up a lot of emotions in me.

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I'm glad I have the headphones on so I don't scare the dog!
It's quite lush and groovy throughout, with so much tension over the lushness and groovy-ness. A really inspired piece of production. Guitar is pretty, with a sting/bite to it.