Whiskey Magnolia

Whiskey Magnolia

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Liner Notes: 

I got "Always Take to Steps" as my prompt, and this is what I got. I had planned on adding some lyrics and vocals but like it as an instrumental, I really struggle when I write the music first to come up with lyrics.

Anyway, this is kind of another random experimental piece.

On this track:
Fender Squire Strat
Midi Lokomotiv Synth set to Crimson Glory
Sampled Breath
Sampled Floor Toms
Sampled Tom

I was going to try to add more to this but I think I like it with the more spare feeling.

I added reverb and chorus to pretty much everything to give it somewhat of a dream feeling. Oh, and the title is courtesy of the Lan Del Rey song title generator. I'm really loving that.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this is both eerie and majestic. good soundtrack material for a movie like Dust Devil.

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Almost magical and certainly mysterious. Nice!

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Very cool. I like the minimal percussion and the focus on that cool guitar part. The synths are punctuation, which I like as a choice.

I’m kind of opposed to magnolias, but I’d be tempted to plant a whisky magnolia. Especially if it was a small variety that didn’t get over 10’ tall and didn’t drop leaves all over the dang place. But of course a whisky magnolia would be uh, puking leaves, I guess. Constantly.

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The interplay between the guitar and the synths is wonderful. And the sparse percussion is perfect.

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The phrasing, pacing, and progression create a wonderfully evocative, almost haunting feel. You have such a wonderful sensibility as you weave the layers together and the light touch of percussion is perfect!

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Rarely can I write decent lyrics if the music's there first. Just the way it is for us I guess. This is an eerie otherworldly (wanted to say "haunted" but that's been used!) feeling piece, with just enough development as it goes to keep the listener wondering/guessing. Enjoyed it.

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I like it as is. Could listen all afternoon. I like how the bass tones and the percussion sort of melt together with rounded tones.

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I really loved the dreamy feel. The chorus & reverb are really effective - as is that sampled breath. Wow, great stuff!

See You In The Shadows…

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That "bass" in this is fabulous, just right on the edge of breaking! sounds great!....that phazy swoosh, gives it a great wave crashing feel....yeah that breath works for me, vocal enough! Biggrin
really great composition, the guitar just kind of keeping pace and along for the ride, really nice improvisational*I assume* playing (great tone) yeah as stated the sparse percussion is excellent.........quite the enjoyable journey! but BOOOO! was too short, how dare you make me listen twice!?!? haha!