Such a Shame

Such a Shame

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Liner Notes: 

Well this is a tome and rather wordy compared to most of my lyrics. I do so much in verse/chorus form, wanted to try something different, so this is in AABA form. Had the musical idea for the A section and then as I've had the current state and future of our country on my mind as many of us do, this lyric just developed on its own. It's an imagined future from someone in the resistance that I'm pretty sure can't happen - though I sometimes wonder what the hell we're doing.


It's almost 2021
Some crazies marchin' with a gun
They think they have the right
To terrorize
They think a war has just begun
The courts have spoken
A changing of the guard
Misinformation reigns supreme
A real danger
The people must prevail
I wonder is this all a dream
It's Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, such a cryin' shame)
Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, we must rise from the darkness)

Freedom slowly melts away
I've wondered whether I should stay
But with all the borders closed
Nowhere to go
Nothing left to do but pray
America where are you
Somehow you've disappeared
Past the point of no return
There is no sunshine
Out there on the horizon
The starkest lesson we must learn
It's Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, such a cryin' shame)
Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, we must rise from the darkness)

Democracy has fallen by the wayside
Blindness of power battered through
Don't know the moment when truth died
Or the timing of the total coup

Inauguration day is here
A nation on its knees in fear
The installation's done
He's taken charge
There aren't too many there to cheer
The streets of Washington
Have been shut down
Authoritarian control
Those who oppose him
Have had to gone to ground
The lies have taken their toll
It's Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, such a cryin' shame)
Such a Shame (such a cryin' shame, we must rise from the darkness)

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A little Lenny Kravitz-y. I like it! Good guitar soloing. Well put together arrangement. I like the contrast of the B section. I love the drop out at the start of the last verse. It's a little word painting... the emptiness of the street reflected in the sparseness of the accompaniment. Very cool. I like the lyrics, but I can't comment on them too much because I just can't think about that right now. Yikes.

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This has such a fantastic sound and a really well delivered pointed message. The bridge is great and the first few verses have a relatable truth which makes the last verse really frighten me. I love your phrasing on the hook - those the worlds - such a shame - say so much!

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this song was a reality for me in 2009, and i escaped the country in 2012,
after i dreamed that the borders had been closed. i think it all started with 9.11, and the bush-obama-trump era has exacerbated it to the point of no return. i tno hope when your only candidates for the presdency are trump and biden, each one a path to a future more hellush than any song can imagine.

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This is a good song, love the harmonies. As for the lyrics, when I was driving through empty streets and freeways at the start of lockdown, it got me thinking how easy it was for society to shut down. And I used to scoff at all those SiFi movies predicting a bleak future.

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I love the arrangement of this song, it's a solid protest rock song. I like the use of repetition/ call and response at the end of the verses instead of a chorus. The bridge is great ad I love the choice to strip things down for the beginning of the last verse, that is very effective.This is a great song!