Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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Liner Notes: 

My power is back on! For just being a tropical storm, Isaias did a lot of damage! Semi improvised piano waltz. I've been reading my districts reopening plan and I needed something to distract me between aneurysms. I named this one after incense too, because I just didn't put that much thought into it.

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Beautiful. The best kind of calming music to my ear, very clean structure but with a nice floaty melody line.

Sounds like you had/have a rough time, sending good vibes!

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A lovely and wonderful bit of improvisation. I enjoy the confident and firm touch at the piano. Glad to hear that you have power again and hope the storm didn't cause too much damage.

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Sometimes the simplicity of just a piano is all you need. Just lovely.

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Beautiful and meditative, so soothing. Absolutely loved the listen.

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Lovely piece. Makes me think of a crisp autumn day when all the leaves are gorgeous colors. It makes my imagination run to a sort of small town with trees around the streets and people admiring the leaves from the shops etc. another really well done piece

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i like listening to this. it does sound like autumn, agreed.