What Am I Now?

What Am I Now?

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Liner Notes: 

This burst out of me last night after a fight. I retreated to my room and after tears, I put pen to paper and this came gushing out.


You screamed at me.
How could you?
You raised your voice and shook my whole foundation.
You are my rock.
You are the warm stones around the flame—
The one person I can trust—my protection.
And YOU....
You screamed at me. Gave me the blame.

I am the wind that blows at the fire
I am the breeze that fans your desire
I am the storm that rages and howls
So what am I now?
What am I now?

Your echoing back like closed canyon walls
Makes me feel trapped. It’s confusing.
For granite is solid and silent till it falls
So is my whole world crumbling?

I am the wind that kicks up the dust.
I am the breeze that you used to trust.
Now you’re the storm that rages and howls
So what am I now?
What are we now?

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Captures a moment in a life where there is questions to be asked, Can see someone sat at their desk penning this as the silence in the house from the aftermath is deafening like the wind sounds different outside... hope there is forgiveness after this... all the best.

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Such depth and darkness and uncertainty... you capture the aftermath of anger/rage so well - the many questions it raises and the devastating impact it can have on the people involved and their relationship. The questions are spot on. The lyrics are really beautifully written in the poetry they bring to the subject and your melody is absolutely gorgeous.