Takes One to Know One (Hello)

Takes One to Know One (Hello)

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Liner Notes: 

My roots rock band covers a Kris Kristofferson song called "Chase the Feeling", and the verse starts off with "It takes one to know one", so I thought I'd steal that. It's a cliche anyway, it's not like Kristofferson invented it or anything (rationalizing).

My song is about when you meet someone and you kinda know right away they are somebody you want to know. Gestalt. Intuition. This is the right person. Written fairly quickly, I thought I was out of ideas, but then here was this.


Takes one to know one
I knew you right away
said I been waiting so long
for you to come my way
gazing out over the water
I said "Come take a look
You never seen anything like this"
that's a lie straight from the book

So hello stranger
hello again
hello stranger
here we are again

Takes one to know one
we know each other well
we been here before
every time we fell
we see each other now
we've seen each other before
let's make it work this time
it's too good to ignore

Takes one to know one
and here we are again
we know the pits, we know the falls
maybe we can pretend
that we have no illusions
walk up to the brink
maybe we'll take a leap
and wind up in the drink

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Great line steal and a great song! The tempo, chord progression, and emotion in the vocal delivery is absolutely perfect for conveying the sentiment of the lyric. Such truth in those words makes it a relatable song I suspect for many. Well done!

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Nice take on the phrase, definitely different from Kristofferson's. I especially like the aware/hopeful twists of the last verse. The music creates a really warm atmosphere. Pretty, soaring melodies, and I like how the singing casually veers into speech at times too.

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i like this sort of feel good romantic indie pop...and you do a lot with a chorus that i expected to be more minimalistic.

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Good lyrics, good performance. Well done.

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This is a good one all around -- nice lyrics, strong melody, really solid guitar. Nice job!

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I like the melody very much. I'm pondering the contradiction of the "stranger" that he knows so well, and seems to meet whenever he falls--his persona that he doesn't want to accept as himself?

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Ah, this is a tremendous song. Compelling melody and vocals, great - highly relatable - lyric. Really enjoyed the guitar playing and the background vocals.
Lovely work. Smile

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Wonderful harmony once again. The guitar fills are great,and vocals, and lyrics. Thanks

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Love those electric guitar licks and the sea of voices saying "hello." Really nice vocal melody as well!