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Liner Notes: 

Week 4 challenge: Fire. My mind went to several fiery relationships that I've experienced in my lifetime. And out here on the prairie late summer wildfires are a normal thing.


Driving down that highway
Smell the smoke in the distance
My senses come alive
The sky is changing color
Smoke billows on the horizon
Hot summer winds have arrived

There’s a Wildfire
On the prairie
Makes me think of you
And that Wildfire
Sparks memories
And makes me feel blue

We used to drive like this together
Snuggled in the front seat
Couldn't keep my eyes on the road
We were so on fire
Thought it would last forever
Didn't know it would all explode

There’s a Wildfire
On the prairie
Makes me think of you
And that Wildfire
Sparks memories
And makes me feel blue



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The guitar intro with the shaker is great, really builds up to the drums and electric coming in. Fantastic chord progression and instrumentation. The harmonies remind me of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Really nice solos too!

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yeah the shaker is appearing a few places. Nice guitar and your vocals are real strong on this! nice one mate

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I especially love the music on this -- great guitar playing!

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music and lyrics rpcking together like hands in gloves. brings back the feeling of the 1970s return to nature movement and groups like seals and crofts.

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In my ears, this is how the song progressed - first I was reminded of my favorite Eagles tunes, then the vocals came in, and I was feeling a Neil Young vibe, then the harmonies came in, and it became more of a CSNY feel. Somewhere toward the end I was feeling Grateful Dead'ish before coming back to that CSNY feel... but the whole thing was just pure "ear-candy by Jeff" who seems to be a combination of many of the bands I love!

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Love the chorused guitars. This has a great 70's FM rock feel. Your high register vocals are wonderful. The melodic bass adds great drive to the piece.

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This reminds me of the 70s country-rock I grew up on in Colorado. Such a great happy/wistful vibe, especially to the chorus. Those prairie fires do evoke a lot of feelings!

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I can see this, I can visualize it. I've been there, kind of, I used to be able to fight pretty good before I started realizing how I wanted to live my life!

Nice harmonies!

The story is really well summed up in the chorus, and lays out the present, the past, some nostalgia. Really nicely done.

Oh, and that lead is very cool.

The ending could have been longer, even, I think.

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So good... that intro guitar strum chord pattern with the shaker draws me right in and then the solo guitar cranks it up a notch as you lead into lyrics. Great imagery and feeling conveyed of longing and loss and memory. Wonderful vocals and such fantastic guitar. This has a wonderful groove - I would love to hear it live!

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My friend who lives in CA had to bug out yet again due to wildfires. He just shared a photo of his cat riding shotgun (no carrier). These two things have created a very weird picture in my mind. But that aside, this is a really solid song. The figurative language is super strong. I like how you tie the fire to a past relationship. The music has a great drive to it as well.