Middle Ground

Middle Ground

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Liner Notes: 

I laid down a basic coffee shop drum track from an app called Drums+. Then played G - C - D on a midi guitar to create the base track of organ-ish sound. Then played a synth lead voicing all the way through. Found a nice sequence of notes in there and copied it around to make a theme. Done.



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Like music from the soundtrack of some chilled out low stress video game about ballooning or something.
I really like this.
The synth line is surprisingly soulful.
Yeah, well done.

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So that's a "coffee shop drum track"? Interesting! And so easy-going and groovy.
I love the melody line - combines elements of organ, synth, and voice into one sound. Super cool!
There's also a bass line melody in there that I dig, and I like the addition of a horn sound toward the end ... I like the whole thing a lot!