The Tree

The Tree

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Do you know
who you are
who I am?

Do you know
where you are
where I've been?

I am small
But old
And tall (x2)

Do you know
where you are
my friend?

Do you know
where it's cold
where it's wet?

I am old
and hot
and buried (x2)

Open Sesame (x2)
How I want to be.
Just open sesame.

I am part
of you
and we (x2)

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i dont know what answer i prefer.. is the singer a ghost or a tree? maybe its better not to know, because knowledge would put an end to the speculation.

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Intriguing, mysterious, at times tense, tranquil. Those were some of the words that entered my thought process while listening.
Love the sound quality as well as the vocals which fit right into the mix and I particularly like the ambiguity (imo) of the song.

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This puts me in a trancelike place. Love the vulnerable vocal in this delicate, circular instrumental texture.

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Very cool, the sound textures and layering are beautiful!