Lazarus Dreams

Lazarus Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

some of these lyrics are loosely inspired by Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse-Five. the rest of them... i honestly have no idea. i was high when i wrote them.


Paul Lazzaro, with a fat cigar, oh
what a sight to see
I think he’s given up chasing me,
at the age of fifty-three.
he’s finally decided to leave me be.
I make a grand address tomorrow,
at the Hotel Bethany

Chicago ain’t ready for me;
never was and never will be.
I’ll take the city by storm when I speak.
There’ll be riots in the streets,
Civil war and anarchy
Oh what a place this will be
And I mean it

There’s a little gold man on my neighbor’s lawn in Ilium,
and there’s an martian in the rosebush;
I saw it time for a change,
so I made this pilgrimage

Last night I dreamed that I had died,
left my body behind and entered the Kingdom of Heaven
Only to be whisked back down to Earth.
Four days was all I had
But those four days, they changed me, can’t you see
I will do anything to get back

So if ol’ Paulie does make good on his word
from all those years ago,
I think I’d be okay
I think I’d be alright

My life as of late has been such a fucking mess
31 years of unraveling I would guess.
something, that is, be it my mind, or be it time itself
i don’t even remember what my life was like before;
I was a kid, twenty-two when I was sent to war.
i have no control of my perception, so in a matter of seconds I could move in any direction.
They say time isn’t linear, well, I say that’s the ultimate curse.
Be blissful in your ignorance, cause time isn’t what you think it is, and it will destroy you.
Look at me, age fifty-three but I look at least a decade older.
Time isn’t what you think it is.
Don’t let it destroy you.

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Nice laid back groove! I love Vonnegut, but it's been years since I've read him. Was Lazzaro the one he told to fuck a rolling donut? Nice guitar work. I like your vocals. Cool!