Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

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Liner Notes: 

@cindyrella invited me to collaborate with her on her lyrics "What's Behind The Mask" -

I came up with an idea that seemed to be okay but then I got second thoughts about the chorus, so I had a re-think. I'm much happier with this version.

I took a few liberties and changed some of the lines in the verses, which I hope Cindy doesn't mind too much.


I saw an old lady with fear in her eyes
She had a mask on as advised
She kept her distance as you should
But I guess she wondered if it will do any good

I smiled at her tried to put her at ease
But with my mask on she couldn't see
I wanted tell her that her fears will pass
But all the time thinking what's behind the mask?

Perhaps it's hope
And maybe empathy
Love in an envelope
True civility
All around the globe
The best of humanity
Maybe that's what's behind the mask

I wanted to tell her a little of this
I wanted to show her a future exists
It's a troubling time that we're living through
But by pulling together there's nothing we can't do

Perhaps it's hope
And maybe empathy
Love in an envelope
True civility
All around the globe
The best of humanity
Maybe that's what's behind the mask

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Cool, very mellow. Good collaboration,

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yup nice mellow and enjoyable nice one.

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I love it! The changes are fine and the music is cool! So catchy and mellow both. Awesome vocals too! Thanks so much!

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A song for our times and so beautifully performed...a fabulous collaboration of excellent lyrics and music...

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Nice and mellow arrangement, as always your vocals sound great, and the lyrics are very fitting for our time

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cindys lyric captures several elements of the social paranoia that comes with such an infectious pandemic. the mellow musical treatment makes the situation a little less scary than it is.

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I just finished listening to Corey's delightful song of the pandemic, and to come here and listen to this lovely collab from Tim and Cindy really helps to give me hope, in what seems like a hopeless situation, especially here in the U.S.
I don't know what your 1st version might have been like, Tim, but I'm really happy with where you decided to go with this.

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Oh, I live that latin beat going on there. I love latin music, and now I'm realizing I haven't done any this year. Is it too late?!

Beautiful song--great job on the lyric collaboration. Really nice vocal and musical arrangement on this. Probably my new favorite from both of you!


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Very topical, well done. I have seen so many masks I don't notice them anymore but not seeing anyone's face is very impersonal. It is indeed still a scary situation.