My Goddess

My Goddess

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Liner Notes: 

This is a cheatypants skirmish because I didn't see the prompt until the hour was up and then the song took me most of the day. But I saw the prompt of writing about a dream and I couldn't resist. When I was 12, I had a dream that I was standing with a goddess in a garden and I asked her what the meaning of life was. She said "look at the ants," so I did, and then I totally GOT IT--and then I woke up and had no idea what any of it meant. I like to think I've figured some of it out as I've gotten older, but maybe I haven't. Lead guitar provided by my lovely wife.


I saw your face in a dream long ago
In the garden in the sunshine
A withered oak stood guard at the gate
I asked you the meaning of life

You said to me, "Look toward the earth
You will find your answers all around
In the wind in your hair, in the sun in your eyes
In the ants on the ground"

So I opened my eyes
Reached for the sky
Always wondered why
My goddess, my goddess

Now I walk on the softest grass
Awaiting your return
So many questions I have yet to ask
Still so much to learn

But I believe
The world turns for a reason
I can see it in your eyes
Yeah I believe
Yet the rain just keeps falling
The rain just keeps falling

So I opened my eyes
Reached for the sky
Always wondered why
My goddess, my goddess

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Sweet rendition, terrific lyrics.

Gwyn Jones's picture

Beautifully sung and played (loved the guitar riff) and a contemplation that I think most of us can identify with...well worth the time and effort you and your wife gave to it...lovely!

corinne54's picture

I'm glad you took your time ("cheatypants"!) because you came up with a wonderful song. Lovely arrangement and singing.

cindyrella's picture

I am in awe! Great lyrics-so good! Love the guitar and harmony!

Chip Withrow's picture

What a beautiful song - it all sounds so ... dreamy! Your vocal does so much - soothing, wise, soaring. And as I've noticed before, your wife (and I think you, too, right?) can sure play guitar.

tjeff's picture

You have a beautiful voice! The flowing groove in the verse is really good, and then bam the chorus hits - love that contrast. And nice contrasting bridge as well. Great harmonies too.

Scubed's picture

Absolutely gorgeous! Such a sweet, gentle rock vibe and such amazing vocals! Love the lyrics, love the harmonies, love Kat’s guitar.

billwhite51's picture

love this song. such a fascinating idea and you do so much with it, both musically and lyrically. remnds me just a little but of suzanne vega, but your style is all your own.

Zeekle's picture

What a great song. Your vocals are just amazing. The music has a real lazy, dreamy feel. The guitar riff is so catchy. Loved this.

JWHanberry's picture

Beautiful vocal harmonies. Your lyric tells the story clearly yet retains its ethereal nature. This is a strong tune well played. Fine take on the prompt.

tunecat's picture

Like the dreamy sounding mix.. Good clear vocals sitting on top.. Chorus comes through well. Good skirmish.

Edward 9th Street's picture

I'll just echo the other comments, very nice demo, strong chorus, lyric , vocals and harmonies. Great cheater skirmish.

wacha's picture

The groove you have created with the bass and drums is fantastic. That guitar part with your vocals is the icing on the cake of the this arrangement. Really nice use of the prompt, the lyrics and music definitely have a dream feel to them. Another great song!

Tim Fatchen's picture

Wow. Why have I taken so long to listen in? Robyn this is just downright good. All I could add is reread the comments above me (!) Your vocals are GREAT and the harmonies killers.

jeustan's picture

Intro hits so well. I just love songs like this that get a strong start, build, and have dang groove to return to. Feels like coming home after a long trip. That lead part is so at home in the guitar layers, too. Props to you both.

That BRIDGE! Again, it's just euphoric returning to that jam. So good.

cleanshoes's picture

What an awesome piece of inspiration! Loving the alt-rock vibe, reminds me of some of my favorite female singer-songwriters of the 90s-00s. Great harmonies and layering on the bridge!

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Now I walk on the softest grass
Awaiting your return
So many questions I have yet to ask

Couldnt listen to the music but the words have a nice flow and the questioning nature I liked