Rain Again

Rain Again

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Liner Notes: 

a weird little song about addiction


sitting lonely in the parking lot
i’ve got the answer in this bag
or at least that’s what i tell myself
so i try

i once knew a woman who lived off handouts
some people try to tell me that woman is me.
the past is the past

but i ain’t gotta worry (i ain’t gotta worry)
i ain’t gotta worry (i ain’t gotta worry)
i ain’t gotta worry (i ain’t gotta worry)
no more

sitting lonely in this park
i’ve got twenty dollars in my hand
heartbeat’s racing
what if he don’t show?
i need my medicine tonight

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The lyric is intense and puts me right there in the next parking space watching the anticipated score unfold. The music captures the weird vibe and cacophonic echoes and confusion of someone on a run.

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Oh yeah this is great.
I like the pained vocals.
All the background noise really adds a lot to this track.
Yeah, it is a "weird little song", and a darn good one.
There aren't enough songs about addiction.
There are lots of songs about drugs, but not too many about addiction.
Really nice job here for sure.