Falling Water

Falling Water

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Liner Notes: 

Kind of a wandering around on a guitar kind of day for me. Lots of pedals -- Delay! Reverb! More of the same!

I guess this was supposed to be kind of a pleasant wander through a light rain.



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This did have the sort of feel of wandering around outside in a warm, light rain, the type where you don't mind getting wet and it's kind of fun to meander about. The lead line was very enjoyable and the rest of the soundscape set the mood nicely.

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i dont know about the rain but it us certainly a pleasant walk with the headphones on

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This strolls along nicely throught the gauzy park.
Starts off heavier than I expected from the description, but thoes top guitars take off nicely into the ether.

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Well I am certainly no fan of wandering about in the rain, but I am a fan of this track.
I feel it's like lying on a grassy hillside on a beautiful windy summer day watching the clouds float by above me.
So pleasing and calming, but with a bit of tension and movement there.
I love all the effects; great headphone mix.
That distorted guitar is pretty sweet.
A nice little meandering tune.

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This surprised me. I was expecting something about the Frank Lloyd Wright house. This has some lovely relaxed forward momentum. I'm right there with you. I'm a pluviophile, so a wander through rain sounds grand and now this music has a smell that it evokes... petrichor! The timbres you chose were bright and crisp and I can seriously not only smell it. I can taste it.