Invisible Words

Invisible Words

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Liner Notes: 

Started out as "Invisible Things" (from the Poe quote "invisible things are the only reality" - maybe that's another song), turned into "Invisible Words" which I know a lot about as an introvert. I often prefer to stay silent, but there are times when I wish I would speak up more. The track came together in a completely new way for me - I experimented with some of the VST instruments that are part of my DAW software, which was a lot of fun. Oh, and I added some live trumpet.


You may have strong opinions
But don't want to rock the boat
The fire inside you is alive
But you feel the need to stay afloat
Can you let go of the anchor
That has you bound in fear
Trust your balance will be enough
To guide you as you steer

Invisible Words
May eat you up inside
Invisible Words
Is silence worth the slide

The world has been on fire
The TV screams in pain
Echoes of a madman
Who's clearly on the crazy train
You'd like to join the conversation
Without the argument
Engagement doesn't work that way
Maybe that's unfortunate

Invisible Words
May eat you up inside
Invisible Words
Is silence worth the slide

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A bit different and so good! I can relate being an introvert but wanting to speak out. I like the different things you did. It's great!

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interestng blend of funk, prog, and psychedelic chamber rock. your voice sounds great. and your trumpet playing is not top shabby either. realy enjoyed this one..

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ohhh I smell some ffffunk. Soulful groove! That trumpet chops are wild, and the echo effects on the vox was a great match, how did you achieve that?

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Yup different but very interesting. Theres a bit of funk around. Strong lyric.

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I really dig this vibe. It's almost psychedelic. Love those harmonies in the chorus. I particularly enjoy the line, "The TV screams in pain."

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Love that funky bass line groove. I like the introvert theme too. Nice too how "argument" compliments "unfortunate" in your lyrics!

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Gorgeous song. Groovy and funky. Loving your lyrics, music, instrumentation and vocals. Beautiful work!

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prog pop, can i call it that? I think it's very cool anyway, lyrics and song. I love the inclusion of the trumpet, i imagine it isn't the easiest instrument to play and it sounds great. Very groovy bass and band sound too, and i mean the whole song, not just the actual sounds, it's not overly complex but really holds the musical interest nonetheless. I do like lyrics with something to say as well, and your slidey harmony backing vocals made me slide too, as did that Peter Gabriel electric guitar! Smile