I Didn't Want This Movie To End So I Just Stopped Watching

I Didn't Want This Movie To End So I Just Stopped Watching

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Liner Notes: 

This is my favourite track of my beattape Daybreak i just released in the spirit of 50/90!

Check out the full album if you like this kind of music;

Thanks for listening

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I love the energetic beat and the chill instrumental layers - creates a wonderful carefree upbeat feel.

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First one of yours I've listened to, and I love it! I do love electronic music and tried it...once. It was so awful I never posted it here.

It's something I want to study and perhaps give a retry next year. This one is terrific!

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Great title for one! and the track is really nice also, great vibes. Nice beat on top of it and all the sounds are pleasant. Really enjoyable listen.