The Land Where The Bubbles All Go

The Land Where The Bubbles All Go

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Liner Notes: 

Another odd little story like Big Dishy and The Wild Women of Hobchurch.
I thought it would be weird to do the music normal.


I blew a bubble for Lucinda,
it floated lazily over the garden fence.
She shrieked with delight as it bounced around her hips
and giggled as it slowly enveloped her.
Alarm and wonder suffused her little face
as the bubble gently lifted her off the ground
and rising into the summer sky,
floated away to the Land where the Bubbles all go.

I'd follow a saint who'd make the sun once more glow
and lead to the land where the bubbles all go
across the roofs and the far meadow
to the far off land where the bubbles all go.

Seventy years later
I was out in the garden
scratching a hole in the rain,
when a bubble with a little old lady in it came floating by.
I struggled to my feet and tried to give chase,
but stumbled and fell heavily
as the bubble floated over the rooftops
and disappeared once more.

Lucinda, Lucinda

I'd follow a saint now the sun's all spent
who'd lead to the land where the bubbles all went
across the roofs on their steep ascent
To the far away land where the bubbles all went

(c) G3 Darnell 2020

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A Wonderful story song with a mystical feel

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Reminds me of a much less frantic "Pena".
The strings are an excellent touch.
This is quite lovely.
Really well done here, Darnell.

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Electric piano and violin? Sold.

And the lyrics remind me of a story I read when I was a kid that was in a mate's annual where Earth was invaded by green bubbles. If they popped on you, they killed you. Man, I had nightmares about that story for *years* afterwards...

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Okay these story telling songs are my favorite from you this year. I love the narration and the storytime feeling music that still maintains all the interesting sonic elements. There are some really great sounds on here, especially on the left channel. There is something so vivid about this, I really enjoyed this one!