I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

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Liner Notes: 

Some of the suggestions I've been getting here and on audiu.net is to do more EQ, and to add automation and risers. So this song focuses on creating my version of a tutorial track in my favorite EDM genre (Classic House) using volume automation, crashes, risers, and EQ8 in Ableton Live 10 Suite.

I will continue to tweak the track as I process the input. Updated track is now linked to soundcloud.



Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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you are gettung so good at this. my four year old, whose tastes run from the ramones to led zeppelin to frank zappa, went wild jumping and headbanging to this track.

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Good, stuff. I've been doing the same thing lately. EDM isn't something I ever really ventured into before. Do you have a favorite for tutorials? I'm kind of digging
Yalcin Efe. He is very detail oriented (20 minutes into a 45 min video and he is still on the kicks).

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The kick is paramount to an EDM / Dance track...it's what gives it it's life Biggrin

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Yeah, i think the comment was more tongue-in-cheek - lol!

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OH MY GOD....this is so good! You're definitely headed in the right direction! Your sonics aren't quite where they need to be, and your arrangement is a little out of whack in some spots, but this is leaps and bounds over what I've heard from you so far!

I want so bad to give you suggestions and tell you how to fix and adjust things in the arrangement and mix to make the track flow smoother, but I don't want to stifle your creativity or be perceived as being critical lol sometimes people want things a little out of whack for character!

I love the arrangement and the vocal chops though, and the bass line just chugs along and has be bopping my head! This track is definitely a winner and I'm so proud of you and the progress you're making! Biggrin

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I'm back! Because you asked for it (please everyone don't get mad) I'm going to tell you what could be improved:

0:00 - 0:01 It sounds to me like it says "This birdie" (which is fantastic) but it needs to be the first thing you hear instead of the clap. Let the vocal chop dictate the vibe immediately because you could really do with a reverb echo here "This birdie (birdie, birdie)". Leave the clap out, use effects to your advantage because it'll simulate a drop without it being a drop and the first "I want to dance with somebody" should come in about a half about half a second to a second after the echo of (birdie birdie) and THEN the beat kicks in. The reason for this is to AMP the power of the track. You used kind of a reverb / echo effect on the laugh. You could bring the laugh in right after the beat and keep that effect. It's about correctly spacing things out so they sit in the mix AND the arrangement right.

Also, some of your vocals shots seem to be on 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4. Did you do that on purpose? Creates an uncomfortable dissonance. If you did, respect! That's bold, but if you didn't then might take a peek and see where they are sitting. The laugh is good, but there needs to be a purpose for it. Every aspect of your song needs to exist and be present for a reason other than "filler" because that's how you build a proper and epic EDM track.

2:37 "this birdie" comes in a half second too late, on 3. Then "I wanna dance with somebody" comes in late as well. Again, on 3.

Finally, the "Daft Punk" kind of robotic vocoder at the end of the song doesn't make sense because it wasn't used anywhere else in the entire song. It honestly just sounds like noise that exists for no reason and the vocoder is cool as hell and it sounds amazing, it just sounds out of place.

What I've noticed about your music is that you're very talented and you really WANT to do it. Also, you CAN do it. You just can't do it correctly right now. Here's a piece of wisdom that iLL.Gates gave him, as legendary as he is, which humbled me down to 2 inches big.

"What you've made is a beat."

Once I learned the difference between "EDM Track" and "Beat" it changed my entire world. I hope you're not upset....I love this track and all of it's parts and pieces are great. It's just assembled completely wrong and it suffers for that. <3

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This sounds massive in headphones and the rich polyrhythms drive it.

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Once again you've made me really enjoy something that isn't necessarily my taste in a listening genre!......so in that regard, absolutely great work!
made me dance with the dog a bit Biggrin

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That high vocal lends an ethereal touch to this funky/groovy tune. It really is hard not to move as this steps smartly along, and the vocal hook is killer

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Great idea to do a track where you work on learning some new production skills. This track really got my body moving. Those snare 16th fills where you detune the pitch of the drum are so good! I enjoyed listening to this.