Passe Pied for Recorders

Passe Pied for Recorders

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Liner Notes: 

I'm not sure if this is a true passe pied. It's been a long time since I studied baroque dance forms and we never covered the passe pied. But it's in 9/8 so nyah. Full recorder consort plus garklein and ukulele for accompaniment. I tried adding a tambourine but it sounded really bad.


Toot toot!

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Lovely! This takes me on a journey in my mind. Thanks!

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I never thought I loved the sound of the recorder, but this is so pretty! I definitely feel transported back in time. I can almost see the costumes and the choreography. Nice job!

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Thanks!!! This is pure elf and goblin orgy music! I just woke up, but for some reason I want a stein of mead and to put on a corset and dance hahahah I think I'll resist though Biggrin That last note is a great ending! Well done! Encore! Biggrin

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I now know what a Passepied is, so I feel like I've learnt something today. Absolutely love the lower recorder(?) that comes in about the second mark, really keeps it interesting and the two melodies really bounce off and around each other so well.

Pretty is the word that comes to mind for this piece. Awesome stuff!

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I play and like recorders, i think like ukes they get a poor rap because so many people have heard them played badly. If they heard this they might change their minds. Very nice.

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i love what you do in all the many styes you work in.. this one is particularly lovely with that recorder melody going round and round.

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Oddly I wouldn't have picked the ukulele, so I guess THAT demonstrates you've got the baroque sound right. The garklein comes in almost bell like. Lovely! (And I've stolen it away for later listening too). Passepied: I always went by Delibes's Passepied in Le Roi Amuse, which I had as piano solo from a very young age, so i associate with Common metre. I've forgotten almost all my historomusicology.!

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Sounds very authentic! Beautiful mix of uke and recorder. The various lines intersecting and overlapping create a very melodious baroque stew. 9/8! I wouldn't know where to begin ...

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What a delightful song to wake up to! Sounds like it's being performed outdoors, as the sun comes up. The interplay between the instruments is quite organic, like folks coming along and joining in the playing, and what they are doing is attracting listeners,