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Liner Notes: 

I saw @Chandra83's lyrics here - - and asked if I could put them to music, and Chandra said yes!

This is the result.

I'm not sure why I always hear Chandra's lyrics in this voice, but for some reason I do.

A strange Melodica and mandolin thing.

Mixed for headphones, of course!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I connect the use of those voice sounds with Bowie's/Eno's "Outside" album, which can be similar disturbing and at the same time beautiful as the lyrics

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This is great! you do get some great use out of that melodica Biggrin
The voice is spooky and it cracked me up too, the things I've read so far this summer(not enough of them), I heard very similar, very ethereal but for some reason with a super thick little Ollie Twist accent Biggrin
The birds are a great touch!

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Wow. I really like the birds. Their peaceful song seems to juxtapose with the implications of the vocals. Though, they do help convey the feeling of peace (finally!) of the protagonist. Love the little mandolin stabs & the melodica always sounds so great. Awesome interpretation of the original lyrics!

See You In The Shadows…

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Peaceful, calming, and yet disturbing. Melodica, mandolin, and a collab of Canadians Smile

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Such grace here handling an bravely honest and artful statement. The collab is superb.

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the headphone mix is exhilarating and the juxtaposition of such pretty music with the resigned nihilism of the narrative reminds me of the way pasolini used classical usic in Salo.

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Bloody hell. I feel like an android is teaching me how to be human, and doing so better than any human could ever do. Powerful piece.

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I want a melodic. That thing is haunttttting. The music suits the lyrics perfectly. Great job.

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Fabulously exotic sounding - love the bright gongs and their contrast with the low drone of the melodica. Bird sounds a plus!

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Whoa. Atmospheric, haunting, matter-of-fact. The birds at the end bring a sense of peace after the darkness of the statement. So well done.

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Yes, it's calming indeed. The Chinese touch to this adds lots. This odd combination of dark and reassuring works well, it's fascinating.

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Dang, man. Chandra's lyrics are usually razor sharp and here is another fine example. I have to say your production here is top notch. Great sound in my Bose. Her words and the android vox in contrast with the rather calmness of the music and the environmental effects...magic.

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Absolutely love this piece, incredibly well put together blend of atmospheric sounds and abstract ambient mandolin, which perfectly accentuates the lyrics, which beautifully paint a moment in a state of mind rarely discussed in music.