Make Up Your Mind

Make Up Your Mind

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Liner Notes: 

My lifelong struggle with resistance to completing creative work has me where I am today, finally overcoming. I had this track with another set of lyrics that just didn't fit, then another, and then this came. I think it works better this way.


Sitting on the fence again
Afraid to play the game
You calmly say that you're just fine
Despite your secret shame

You know you're really yearning
To step out through the fear
In doubt you just don't realize
You could miss your new frontier

C'mon Make Up Your Mind
Indecision is a dangerous threat
C'mon Make Up Your Mind
You need to choose the path you won't regret

Standing on the high dive
Love to swim but don't want the pain
Wondering how the splash will go
As resistance clouds your brain

People watching wondering
What do you plan to do
Will you go ahead and jump
And know you followed through

C'mon Make Up Your Mind
Indecision is a dangerous threat
C'mon Make Up Your Mind
Make the choice you won't regret

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Howling good sound, insistent refrain-- gets the message across loud and clear.

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The sound of the track is a quite powerful "rock" sound, so it's quite strange to hear lyrics about indecision against such an accompaniment, but it works very well, the melody slides across the top of the track rather beautifully. Very nice.

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That chorus is really strong - man, I wish I could sing harmonies like that... Some great imagery in the lyrics, too. I get the comparison with standing on the high board; oh, how often my worries about the consequences of how painful making the jump will be have turned out to be far worse than going for it and actually hitting the water...

Also enjoyed some very nifty playing, and a smorgasbord of juicy guitar tones all the way through this.

Minor niggle: there's a very noticeable jump in volume at 0:43. I thought I might be having problems with my desk, but it seems to be on the track...

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Thx so much for the comments and heads up on the volume jump! Was able to get that fixed and reposted - much appreciated!

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I like the title, Make up your mind. That is so universal! I like how the lyric teeters on fear and indecision. The music and vocal drive it forward nicely. Great sounds!