Zanesville Bridge

Zanesville Bridge

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Liner Notes: 

Week 3 Challenge: Z

I wrote this song in a way that is open to interpretation regardless of local knowledge, but for the trivia hounds among you:

The Y Bridge in Zanesville, OH spans the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum rivers and contains a 3-way intersection in the middle. Therefore, it is possible to cross the bridge without actually ending up on the other side of the bank. It is one of the only such bridges in existence, and is so distinctive that Amelia Earhart called Zanesville "the most recognizable city in the country" when viewed from the air.


Sometimes what doesn't kill you
only wears you down
I'm losing all my features
to the rust in this old town

I rattle 'round the places
where I used to fit
talk to my own echo
just to fill the emptiness

I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge tonight
to feel as though I'm leaving
something of the past behind

I've spent a lifetime working
for the wages I am owed
but I wait with hollowed hands
for something I can hold

I look out every morning
on a slowly fading view
turn around and look again
try to fool myself it's new

I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge tonight
to cross over the water
without going to the other side

You can learn to love a broken thing
but you never know for sure
when to take what you are given
and when to ask for more

So I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge tonight
to feel as though I'm leaving
something of the past behind
I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge tonight
to cross over the water
without going to the other side
I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge
I think I'll drive
o'er the Zanesville bridge

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I really love this! I love bridges and write about them. Your vocals and this melody. Just wow! I love the idea of crossing over without going to the the other side. Outstanding!

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Oh! I love that verse "I spent a lifetime working for the wages I am owed." That's brilliant. I enjoy the sparse guitar and you're harmonies. Of course, I always love listening to you sing. And this song is really well suited to your voice. Sort of restless but also at peace with the restlessness.

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Wow, I came here with no expectations and was blown away by this song. This is simply lovely! (I had to google that bridge. Interesting)

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Sounds great, chorus has a beautiful wistful feel to it. Love how you've adapted the way in which bridges are often used as a metaphor to reflect the Y shape of this particular bridge. Lovely reflective song.

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Really nice storytelling lyric. Fine song well delivered

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I love the finger picking. This is gorgeous. And those harmonies on the chorus! Really pretty.

Also...that final verse is spot on, powerful writing....the entire set of lyrics is fantastic!

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I love the Zanesville trivia. And of course the song is nothing short of astounding. The bridge makes a great metaphor lyrically, doesn't it?

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The harmonies are glorious and as usual, the song has taken me for a drive. Excellent writing and performance.

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These lyrics, the harmonies, the melody.....this is stunning. And a great Ohio reference for us Buckeyes!

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Fantastic lyrics, beautiful vocal, gorgeous harmonies! Enjoyed this very much!

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The music is beautiful and I'm feeling that gentle stream and/or country road quality. +1 on the metaphors. On a side personal note I remember as a kid going to a roller hockey tournament (my dad played) in western PA and the team that won was from Zanesville.

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Damn I used to run folksingers off my land with a 12 bore, but I think I have just seen the light.
This was a little bit of lovely. Bridges have a sort of fascination since hearing Bobbie Gentry's Ode to Billie Joe as a youngster and never knowing what the hell exactly went on on the Tallahatchie bridge. Love that bit at the end of the verses when you go up high and then the delicious harmony comes in for the chorus.

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I do love that bit of trivia as well Wink and the openness of the lyric if you(like myself knew nothing about it) I'd of taken it as a drive over the guardrail!
Great stuff! works just as well either way...for me Smile

harmonies in the vox are beautiful......loved the thumping progression as well!

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Damn, this is so beautiful! First, your vocals are magical! I could sit in a dimly lit bar and listen to you sing all night! And I really love the sounds like classic balladry while also fresh and modern. The sparse fingerpicking is the perfect accompaniment (we came to hear you sing!) Your lyrics are truly brilliant! Using this unique bridge feature to "to cross over the water without going to the other side" is lyrical genius! And there are so many great lines here. This song touches me. Reaches me. Thank you!! <3

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Oh my word! Such tender vocal beauty and gorgeous harmonies with only the barest outline of accompaniment from the guitar. The combination is riveting.

The lyric (with it’s back story) is an astute metaphor for needing to wander, escape, shake off the old, but not totally shake the foundations. I love the pondering in the bridge section. Excellent writing!

I’ve spent a bit of time visiting in nearby Caldwell and Summerfield, but I never knew such a bridge existed. Next time we travel up that way from Atlanta, I’ll go experience it!