End of an Era

End of an Era

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I feel the end info an era,
Raining down on me,
I know we ain't any nearer
To finding a better way to be,
But the worlds crumbling around us,
and many don't even see,
They traded life for an easy ride,
And now the walls are up and we ain't free,

All this time I been watching
With ear and eyes on the sea
As they pulled the power from the people
And kept growing like a disease,
The wheels were always turning,
Though we can’t always see,
They tricked us with lies and comfy alibis
And now the walls are up and we ain't free,

They hide behind their money
Though we’re the, ones that drive the story,
We can take back our life, don't settle tonight
tomorrow might be a better you'll see,

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So honest and beautiful! Won lyrics and production!

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Another amazing piano/vocal song! Your voice is soulful, impassioned and distinctive.
These are some brilliant and powerful lyrics, too.